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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Herby Moreau and Anne-Marie Losique at the Hotel St-James

I had so many things to do this weekend, but the beautiful weather, I skipped them all… What I like of Montreal during summer is that there are many festivities, many tourists, many hot guys and girls. Montreal is gorgeous during summer time. I never missed a chance to go outside. Or try.

I began my promenade at the boulevard Saint-Laurent. For the Grand Prix, Saint-Laurent is partly closed to the circulation and I loved to walk in the street instead of the sidewalk. It’s a luxury reserved just a couple of times during summer. 

I continue my walk downtown. There was a crowd, a mix of tourists, policemen and student protesters. I took pictures of the mess. It’s not fun to be downtown with all those cops.

I continue my way downtown to Crestreet, took pictures of the race cars. I went back and forth about two times. There was a band playing, some guys of a Montreal radio that I forgot the name. They are not really a band but that afternoon – they were. And they were pretty good actually.

I continue my walk to the Francopholies Festival. There were a few things going on in the afternoon. I continue my walk to the Village (gay neighborhood) and following what, I went to the Old Montreal. The Old Montreal is a must see. I never miss a chance to go whenever I can. I continue my walk across the gorgeous streets and without knowing, I find myself in front of the Hotel St James where an “Happening” was happening… I saw Karine Vanasse, Anne-MarieLosique and Herby Moreau. As for the other people, I didn’t know how they were.

Karine Vanasse has her hair tight up straight in the air in a horrible ponytail. Like come on girl, let it blow! A natural beauty like Karine Vanasse shouldn’t try too hard. She has beautiful long hair, it would had look so much better if she would had forgot the horrible hair do and let the whole thing blow on her shoulders. On top of that, she was wearing ridiculous high heels. Her heels were very very high. It wasn’t even sexy, not even beautiful. She was wearing the heels of a want-to-be-a-prostitute for the Montreal Grand Prix of Formula 1. Her dress was one of a little girl. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t sexy. It was NOTHING.

What happen last night is that Karine Vanasse tried too hard. She should get rid of her stylist, get confident in herself and stop wearing horrible outfit and stop doing stupid thing with her hair.

As for the Anne-Marie Losique.. ohlala, the dear was wearing a mini mini pink dress with black nerd glasses. The dress was barely covering her babe body. Her breast was pomping out. It makes me laugh. Only Anne-Marie Losique could show up in such dress. It was hilarious. Anne-Marie Losique was there to show it all. And she shows it all! LOL!!

Mr. Herby Moreau himself was there standing outside and waiting for the stars! I was actually surprised to find out that he’s not very tall. I had been listening to Herby Moreau on television for I don’t know how many years now. Herby Moreau and I, the only thing we have in common is that we LOVE STARS. LOL. I wrote HubPages article about superstars, and Herby Moreau interview them. As for the guy, he was wearing white athletic shows, black pants with a back jacket that fit him perfectly well. Herby Moreau was gorgeous last night.

I stand in front of the Hotel St James for several minutes and then I left for the Francopholies were I listen to heavy metal music and I walk my way back home, thinking of all the things I haven’t done that way just to photograph expensive race cars and see live the darling Anne-Marie Losique AND Herby Moreau. Did it worth it? Oh yeah, totally.

Stay tune... MORE pictures will be load soon :)


Liquid said...

I love the cars, wow.

Sunny said...

Hi Liquid,

Yeah, the cars were absolutely real cool :)


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