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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome in my investment portfolio Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN)!

There have been a lot of things going on lately! I moved on June 1th from my residence room at Concordia to my old apartment. I am pretty much all set, except that I don’t have Internet access. I will try to do without it, I will see how it goes. I am pretty much on the Internet quite often, it will be difficult not to be able to access my portfolio and other from home. And talking about my portfolio, we are welcoming a new stock in the house! Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN)!

Anyway, I reactivate my cell phone with Chatr Wireless. At $35, $40 after taxes, I am getting a good unlimited long distance plan within Canada and local calls, voicemail and call display. I quickly came to the conclusion that it will be difficult to add a second job, even a part-time one to what I currently have. So I decided just to stick with what I currently have, including my self-employed work just for now. I haven’t received anything this past week in term of self-employed and it kind of upset me.

While holding more than 2k in my banking account, I told myself: this is the perfect time to invest in Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN)! I wanted some KEG.UN stocks for a while now so I did my move this past Thursday! Click, click and there you go. KEG.UN delivers quite of a performance on the TSX. I am happy to add KEG.UN to my stock collection. In case you want to know, KEG.UN dividend yield is close to the 7% and its dividend is paid on a monthly basis. Hello money! 

I went to the Keg restaurant located in Ville-Marie downtown Montreal to take my pictures. The place was full.

I own my interest in KEG.UN to the goodness of Christina Kiesel. If I would be half as good looking as her, I wouldn’t be out of a permanent job for very long, that’s for sure. ;) I have a feeling she owns part of her vibe to a party mix of cocaine or other drug and alcohol. Maybe.  

No matter what, without Christina, I wouldn’t have known KEG.UN. That Christina Kiesel is from the cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. And it happens that I wrote an article on each on the Real Housewives of Vancouver. And it happens that Christina Kiesel ex-husband, David Aisenstat is the CEO of The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. BINGO. That’s how my story with Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN) began. I own a good stock pick to Christina Kiesel. Thank you Miss Kiesel sexy darling!

Taught the dividend investment was over? YOU WERE WRONG. 

My annual dividend income is now at $7 300. I can extremely easily push it to the 8k, even 9k. But take it easy honey. 

For the X times, the Maple Group push its acquisition over the TMX Group Inc. (X). This time, the deadline is July 2012. HILARIOUS.

I am still in for the maximum of cash option for my X stocks. As soon the deal go through, I will finally get my $50 per share. That’s what supposed to be. Following what, I will add some new investments in and boost my dividend earning. Bye bye Maple Group. That’s the plan. Simple and easy.

I may be out of the permanent job circle, but I still have enough left to invest a bit in the famous CNR. I am still under pending for that one, but I may do I move as early as Monday. Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) closed Friday under the mark of the $83 per share. CNR dividend yield is low, but the stock is of high quality. I like to focus on the dividend yield, but that’s more of a trap than anything else. I like to mix in some high quality stock, blue chips like BNS, AGU, CU, TRP, ENB, etc. with some high dividend payers like KEG.UN, JE, ENF, PPL... See what I mean? 

You cannot have enough of those blue chips in a portfolio. I want to add a few more stocks of CNR to bring in value for my portfolio and margin account. Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) is the perfect stock. Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)? It’s the do-it-all, make-it-all stock. So far, I made a profit of $338.60 on that stock, not counting the dividend income, just the stock value.

Currently, my non-registered portfolio is at $121 157.31. The book value is of $126 528.90, which mean I am off of 5 371.59. It’s a 5k, but it’s really not that bad knowing what’s going on out there. What is left on my margin is $8 643.61. I really don’t like that number and I am wondering if it would worth it for me to transfer money from my RBC credit line over to my margin. Do you now understand better “the holding a margin is a pain in the @**” part? I may take a 2k from the RBC credit line, if not even more, and transfer it over to my margin for a little while, just to secure my margin better. 

I hate TD Waterhouse so much right now! What a bunch of complete idiots to post a Special video on a Potential Impact of a Greek exit. Just a great F video to bring the retail investors to a panic level BEFORE it even happen. TD Waterhouse is such a mediocre broker. If Greek exits the Euro, the stock market will probably just crash. Each single time something is post about Greek, another bad news coming, the TSX loss points, each and single time. I don’t understand why, but investors care about the Euro. Europeans have nothing to do with who we are as Canadians. They haven’t build health to Canada, as long as I am concern. You can directly flush the whole Euro in the toilet, I am not concern, and I certainly don’t care. Deal with your own sH*t and I will do the same ok. I am just very very sorry.

While waiting for the catastrophe to happen, Jean-FrançoisTardif is seriously backed in the game! Its seem like the Quebecker has it after all. His JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is performing quite well. The TSX had loss close to the 200 points last Friday, but the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) just keep going and closed at $9.95. At least, the investment is stable. BUT, the JFS.UN doesn’t have any margin loan value at TD Waterhouse. That’s why my margin value is only at 8k.

I told you, TD Waterhouse is of a mediocre quality broker.

You can both flush the Euro and TD Waterhouse directly in the toilet.

I read a comment about my DNI Metals Inc. (DNI). My investment value in it is exceeding the 1k. I am cashing a profit of more than $400 or around. Potential is there for DNI to even exceeding its one time glory of $0.74 per share. Patience is a virtue. I have that one at least :)

I need to come with a plan to hit the 12k or so in dividend income by the end of the summer and leave Montreal behind for the rest of my life. Stay tune. I know you want more.


Sunny said...

Here are for the Jean-François Tardif on BNN. 3 parts:

pattirose said...

YAY thank you Sunny!!

Liquid said...

Welcome to the D-Girl's portfolio KEG. Hope you do really well in the future.
I watch those Waterhouse videos every weekend. This time they didn't say anything that wasn't already said by other economists. I didn't learn anything new.

Sunny said...

Hope you like to listen to him Pattirose. :) He looks like a man who's working very hard. I will say it in French, so try to used Google Translator or something: il a des cernes sous ses jolis petits yeux.

He has ? under his pretty eyes.


According to Tardif, it could be a good time to buy gold. Sprott is saying the same thing.

Thanks Liquid! The KEG is a nice stock. I think TD Waterhouse didn't have a clue of what to say to its investors so they go with the usual blablabla just to put everyone under a panic mode and provoke a massive sell down.


TD Waterhouse should proposed investment ideas for rough time... Told us to invest in gold and proposed investments... They should try to increase the BUY instead of the SELL mode.

Completely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Keg stock. Make sure you request TD to send you the Keg's documentation. You will receive a $20 gift certificate with each annual report for being a shareholder.

Sunny said...

Thanks! I need to go eat out at the Keg to seek if the investment really worth it :)


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