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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herby Moreau and Anne-Marie Losique at the Hotel St-James - Part 2


Anonymous said...

No one cares about your posts that aren't about how little you know about investing.

Ruth said...

Let's have a discussion on stocks and what ones are hanging in there and i have one idea for the European crisis...Germany should exit the euro..they are going to be paying everyone's bills. what a terrible idea the euro was, hindsight i know.

Anonymous said...

The euro wasn't a terrible idea. Nor was the EEC. The lack of a centralized european banking system was.But that was because each country wants autonomy & self determination (translate as nationalism) to the degree that don't want to give fiscal management over to some management board made up of "foreigners". Europe has a long history of cultural superiority & snobbery (not to mention wars) among its participants. Right now there's $ influxes into the European markets by institutional bargain seekers. True contrarians. Some of these are into gov't bonds due to their huge yields. Some into stocks of Euro based multinationals whose prices are depressed to book value.Even check out the inflows to VXUS Both take kahuanas to carry the risk. Cheers!! Anony-empanadas


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