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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting ready for the end of the world

For the Maya civilization, tomorrow mark the beginning of a new cycle of life. For a reason or another, it been said that for the Mayas, the world end tomorrow. Well, it can end but if it does, tomorrow will just be another day. Since the world end tomorrow, I will try to leave work as early as possible. I am going to buy one or two lottery tickets you know, just in case. It may be the end of the world, but I still love gambling. Other than that, nothing much plan because I am leaving for New Brunswick tomorrow evening.

I completed my Christmas gifts and I blow another $160. I finally bought that gift from L'Occitane for my grandmother and I bought 2 Laura Secord gift sets. I got the idea at work after seeing one. What a nice gift idea! I found that giving a chocolate box was a boring gift but a chocolate gift set, that's much better!

As for my L'Occitane gift set, it was an expensive one but I couldn't buy anything else. I bought a cherry blossom gift set, body cream, perfume and hand cream. It smell SO good! I am tempted to keep the gift for myself ;) Now that I am happy, but broke, I am better win that 1 million bucks.... Broke, but not so broke. I just find $180 in cash in my shoulder bag. I am a bit of a maniac. I am always scared to get robbed so I always stick a bit of cash somewhere else than in my purse. And while packing my stuff for tomorrow, I find the money... Last time I went to New Brunswick, it wasn't too long ago, it was back in late October. Of 2012 of course. So I had a $180 since that time. And since I spend around that amount in gifts today, well you know, girl kinda of steal the show one more time, end of the world or not, nothing is about to change soon. Now, I must not forget my password if I want to go to the Maine and I also I MUST bring with me my gravol pills. Why is it already almost 11 pm? In less than 2 hours, we are all going to hell. :) Are you coming with me?


unbalanced said...

Have a good holiday. I bet you look hot in some La Vie en Rose.

Ruth said...

is one of those gifts for your grandma....i am impressed with grandchildren that do for their hat is off to you Dividend Girl.

Anonymous said...

Well, we're still here for a while longer. We all live on borrowed time so enjoy yourself while you can.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Only if you like them "large and in charge". Fat chicks with attitude. LOL! There is a reason you don't get to see even an arm or leg on this blog....

Sunny said...

The only reason why you won't ever see pictures of me here is in relation with the nature of this blog.

I blog about money and other stuff and when you do so, the best is to stay undercover.

And being anonymous is sexy.


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