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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thank you for the food allergy, Dr. Mehmet Oz

In case you are wondering, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a HOT cardiac surgeon host of The Dr. Oz show, an American TV show that I used to listen too while having cable in New Brunswick. I don’t know if you remember, but I recently started a $100 challenge (its going on well as I eat more vegetables and less junk and sugarrrrr argggggg lol), not to spend more than $100 until December 21 on food. Well, before enrolling to the challenge, I had bought a little bag of Brazil nuts. You can read the article right here. Its after reading that article that I started adding cucumbers to my water.

According to Dr. Oz, Brazil nuts are good to activate the brain and I REALLY need all my mental faculties right now. :) The stock market is going crazy like hell and I am overheating of work at my job. So I was in need of a little something extra to help me, see. So I bought myself a little bag of Brazil nuts. The deal was to eat one per day, as indicated in the article. But see, because of my $100 challenge, I ate more than one nut. I didn’t have anything for snack if not green apples, but I wasn’t feeling like eating a f apple. LOL.

So instead, I eat a couple of Brazil nuts. Maybe 10 of them. But it was too much. See the result. This is the second time is happening. The first time, I didn’t make any relation between the Brazil nuts and my rash. Why? Because I use to eat one every day without having any problem. But only ONE.

But the second time it happen – just today, I started making the relation. I remembered my dad having some kind of rash of his skins while eating too much nuts. I have the exact same food allergy as my father.

Don’t worry, however, it’s not hurting me that much. Only my delicate left wrist, my inside sexy left thigh and behind my other right thigh are being affected.  

Thank you for the food allergy Dr. Mehmet Oz.


Liquid said...

Some food allergies like those caused by nuts are hereditary. Hope your rashes get better soon. If not, there are antihistamines you can buy at your local pharmacy.

Sunny said...

Thanks Liquid. Yeah, my father do allergies to nuts. So its really hereditary. Good news is: I AM REALLY MY FATHER DAUGHTER.


It is now confirmed.

Its actually not so bad, its not hurting that much. Its not really itching. I went out after eating the Brazil nuts and I look at my wrist after I removed my gloves to find out I had that thing on me.

I am adding some body lotion to it, not too bad. Part of my thighs are quite hot (not the look, I know I look hot, but the feeling - temperature), but that's all.



Sexy doctor driving me to hell.


Anonymous said...

The article is just a bit misleading. It just lumps all nuts together as good without the major issue: sodium. Salted nuts are just as bad as salted potato chips or salted crackers. You want unsalted nuts that are identified in various ways: "natural", "raw", "unsalted". The only real way to verify is to check the sodium content. As for the nut allergy, I'm surprised that it didn't show up earlier, as nuts are used in the manufacture of a lot of processed, especially bakegoods.

Sunny said...

I actually went at a natural food store and I asked at the counter if there was salt added to the nuts and there was no salt. And at the taste, I can say there was no salt.

This is the first time ever I am doing food allergies. I am not doing allergies to all kind of nuts, only Brazil nuts. But for safety, I will watch a bit more what I eat.

Anonymous said...

You have a big hand

Sunny said...

Yeah, you are right.

Now, do you want to see my big boobs too?


Anonymous said...

Brazil nuts are great for you, but are super high in selenium... also good for you, but only 2 a day! No more than that!

Sunny said...

That's good to know.


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