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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My last vacation of 2012

Hello! Did you miss me?

I just came back from my little vacations in New Brunswick. It went pretty fast. I left on Friday evening (21th) and I left home it was about 2:30 pm today for Montreal and I just arrived. It was a fun time. I gave my gifts, saw my family and everyone was happy and I was happy too.

While back home, a Revenu Canada paper was waiting for me. I didn't really look at it, but its concerning the taxes for the small business I own. I mostly did freelance between April and October. It bring in extra cash during that period. I was looking at my credit cards statement and its actually not so bad. I have a $118.31 on a Visa that need to be paid only by the month of January. My latest BMO MasterCard statement is of $542.14.

And for now, the BMO MasterCard was a balance of $755.33. I have a $200 in cash with me and I have somewhere around $150 available on my line of credit somewhere. So I will just have a $192.14 to pay off from my pockets. I already have a $331.50 on my credit cards that need to be pay for January... 2013!

Already 2013. But good news is, I am waiting for a cheque of about that amount if not a little more from my freelance activities... am I going to watch my expenses in 2013? Oh yes. I need a full year of employment for 2013. For 2013, I will watch my expenses a lot more. We didn't have the Boxing Day today in the small town I come from in New Brunswick. All stores were closed, including the Wal-Mart. Isn't that boring? It may be boring, but at least, I didn't spend on anything. And truly, I don't need anything, but its always fun to have something new in the wardrobe or a new hair product or makeup. But I have all those. Instead of thinking of my next mascara or blush, for 2013, I would like to increase my freelance and online activities to bring in more cash.

If I could pay my rent with money earn on the side, it will be great. Don't ask why I haven't work harder - its just time had run out of me. And I worked hard too at work and I not even getting paid for all the extra hours put in so yeah, tell me about it. Work work work. Money money money. My life is all about money and a bunch of other things. But I guess you must know that my now. Enjoy the last days of 2012. Its time to plan for 2013 and like always, I have plenty of ideas.

So stay tune.

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