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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) special dividend: well received and in the house

I was about to call TD Waterhouse on Monday regarding my Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) special dividend because I haven’t received anything yet. But after verification, I received the so special and so wanted 275 bucks on December 27. I sometime do not look at my stock portfolio every single day, but most of the time, I do. So I guess that a TD Waterhouse broker won’t have the chance to hear my sexy French voice over the phone. Too bad TD Waterhouse brokers! Better luck next time guys, but we’ll probably talk soon.

I am now close to the $7 500 in dividend income. I am still waiting for other stuff to come in. So I could be pretty closed to the 8k in dividend income for 2012. For 2013, I guess it’s realistic to fix a future dividend income of 10k. Overall, 2012 was a good year and I hope 2013 will be even better. In term of money, of course.

I hope the TSX is open on Monday December 31 because I don’t want my financial year to end without having Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI) in my portfolio. I know anything about their financial situation ok, but what I know is that I WANT BDI ;) And you know, what this girl want is what she gets. After rent, student loan and banking fees payment, I have left a tiny little $729 for investment purposes. My investment in BDI will be small, probably less than a 1k, but at least, BDI will be in the house.

Adding new stocks in is always interesting, but I have a bit of work to put in my portfolio.
First, remember the close to 6k that I transfer from RBC to TD Waterhouse to protest again my RBC credit line interest rate increase? This was a major event of the year 2012.

I mean, if you plan to mess up with me, expect something massive in return. RBC Royal Bank where very wrong for doing such thing to me and they have pay the price. I do not business with them anymore. Now, my RBC credit line is completely paid off and I do not hold any investment at RBC Royal Bank. I used to always paid on time my RBC line of credit. Adding 3% on the interest rate of my credit line wasn’t very smart coming from RBC. I will never invest with them ever again. TD Canada Trust knows how to treat correctly the demoiselle that I am. With TD, it’s simple and easy. I always get what I want with TD Canada Trust. RBC Royal Bank is a very arrogant institution.
I think whenever somebody or an institution is trying to hurt you financially, you should always response in clear and effective manners. On that point, I will say exactly the same thing of the like of Derek Foster said in one of his YouTube video (Derek Foster is on YouTube and I just find out very recently after a reader said something about Derek Foster and his videos in one blog comment) – no one care more about your money more than you do. No one really give a damn, especially bank like RBC Royal Bank. If they would have care about me, RBC wouldn’t have increase the interest rate of my credit line. So care for yourself. Fight as hard as you can. I think that selling my RBC mutual funds and transferring the money over TD was just another brilliant move of mine. Take that RBC suckers! That totally release me, knowing that I had the very last word.

RBC increased my credit line interest rate shortly before I lost my job in New Brunswick. The timing was quite bad. However, shortly after, I was getting 2 freelance gigs that were paying well under the circumstances. If wanted, I could take 2k a month. RBC didn’t want to hear anything. As an independant worker, they needed a 5 years history to establish my value. Then I taught, I am done with you f@ckers! Now I am were in Montreal, full-time employee. It’s not the best position of the world, I don’t even received a 2% employer contribution for my RRSP. However, the job paid my bill and I even have extra cash left to invest. So I take it while it last, trying to control my expenses among the way so I can even invest more.

I brought 2 books of Derek Foster back from my New Brunswick little trip. Each and single time I go home, I am pretty much full of stuff and when I come back, its even worst. This time, it was Christmas so I had to bring with me my Christmas gifts. And when I came back to Montreal, my mom decided to give me her winter coat. And bring in the gifts she gave me so I was, one more time, quite pack.

All this to say that I have close to 6k in cash in my TD RRSP account. That money haven’t been invested yet.

Secondly, another thing I need to do in 2013 is to maximize my TFSA. Imagine, I not even taking fully advantage of my TFSA! Why? It’s because I have a margin account in my non registered account. However, different approach can be taking in order to maximize my TFSA.
Let say that this X investment has a margin loan value of $500. Before transferring the X investment over my TFSA, to stay in a safe zone, I will need to inject $500 on my margin account BEFORE transferring the X investment in my TFSA. I cannot simply transfer stuff over my TFSA without adding anything to my margin. But I cannot do both at the same time, I cannot invest in new stuff and transfer investments over my TFSA. So it’s a very tough process. Transferring investment in my TFSA will allow me to save in taxes. I won’t have any taxes to pay for all dividend received inside the TFSA.

While living in a place like Quebec province, it’s extremely important to do everything you can to save in taxes. Quebec government like to suck their citizens right to their bones. And Quebeckers accept that. They were hitting the streets for their tuition fees, but the idiots cannot see were the real problems are at. Quebec is ultra capitalist and the province is really poorly managed. They have incredible richness, but their government decisions are not smart. Continuing to betrayed Canadians by having Pauline Marois as Prime Minister is just another poor move. And Quebeckers have to live with the poverty of their society. They have real big problems.

This being said, I know a girl who’s not very poor: ME. While some colleagues of mine are going away on fancy vacations in Cuba and return with brown burn skin, I, the darling, stuck everything I can in my portfolio. We’ll see how really good I am in the future. But I am enough smart by my living choices. And that’s what all your life is about, it’s about making smart decisions. Luckily, I was born absolutely perfect, with no taste what so ever for luxuries or exotic trips. I am a real New Brunswick grounded to her native land. There’s nothing much to be add to that if not that my perfection is giving me my options for my future. I hope to exlarge my dividend income to something higher than 10k a year. To live on without any worries, a 20k a year will be enough. I could live on 16k without any problem. The independence is not too far away.

I have other stuff to write about but I am just going to stuff here because you know, I think you, dreaming of my perfection will give you enough stuff to think about for now.

Stay tune. We are almost at half a million pages view on this blog. Thank you for reading every and single words of your favorite princess. Be ready for the party!

Here’s the link to Derek Foster YouTube videos.


Anonymous said...

Only comment about special dividends. You really don't come out ahead unless you own the shares before the dividend is announced. If you bought after the announcement you would have paid the premium price and on the ex-div date, the price would have dropped the amount of the dividend. Case in point, Costco had a $7 a share dividend. A friend of mine bought shares after the announcement at 105 or so. Guess what. On the ex div date, the price dropped to around 98. so even though you get the 7.00 a share, that is negated by the share price going down by the same amount. In other words, you don't really come out ahead.

Anonymous said...

i guess you won't be able to pull a derek foster...

Anonymous said...

Hi what price did you buy HRX, and what price did you sell??? Thank you, mona

Sunny said...

Pull a Derek Foster?


I don't understand.

I bought my HRX shares at $11.23. I still hold HRX, I didn't sell. HRX is well established in their field. Chances are that they will later on reach $11.23. It would have be nice to perform a quick buy and sell but I don't mind holding HRX for now. I had been too busy with other stuff, Christmas, my vacation etc. That's why.

Anonymous said...

I assuming the anonymous above when he states "pull a Derek Foster" means to retire early living off the dividends. That is what I hear from other bloggers who say "pull a Derek Foster".

Derek Foster used leverage to be able to retire at 34. It took out a loan to Purchase Riocan REIT in 1999 (I believe) at 8.5%, and it was yielding 11.5% to start. Also his big gamble on the cigarette company after were sued successfully by someone. This was a huge risk on margin.

Personally I use LOC for leverage.


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