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Sunday, December 9, 2012

My debt situation on date of December 9, 2012

$7 875.45 at a low interest rate of 4.75% (RRSP credit line rates) = $374.08 in annual interest PAID OFF

$4 900 at a low interest rate of 4% (credit line rates) = $196 in annual interest

$7 978.54 on a credit card at a low interest rate of 2.9% (result of a credit card balance transfer) = $231.38 in annual interest

$8 000 on a credit card at a low interest rate of 1.9% (result of a credit card balance transfer) = $152 in annual interest

$6 311.41 at low interest rate loan at 5.50% (student loan) = $347.13 in annual interest

$5 000 at 8.75% (credit line) = 437.50$ in annual interest

$10 000 at 9.30% (credit line rates) = $930 in annual interest

$51 240.65 at a low interest rates of 4.25% (margin money coming from my broker account): =
$2 177.73 in annual interest

$1 827.47 at 0.99% for a year (with American Express) = $18.09 PAID OFF

TOTAL: $78 430.60

TOTAL in annual interest: $3 104.24
[In date of December 9, 2012]


Anonymous said...

Sunny, I love your blog! You are great! You should forget the freelance work and work on getting certified to become a financial adviser instead. I think you would do a great job. You could probably make a little more money for your investment portfolio.


Sunny said...

Thank you Tom. Getting certified seem to be very very hard.

I know a few friends who got the certification to sell mutual fund. They give you a big book to learn by your own and you pass an exam. Its very hard stuff.

It cost a lot too, that's why I have no plan to become a professional.

But that's sweet ;)

Anonymous said...

Sunny-Please don't become a financial adviser..then you wouldn't be able to give us your "free" advice.


Anonymous said...

So 4% is what your debt is costing you on average... not bad. So I assume, based on your previous comments directd at me with regards to your debt, you have done the analysis of comparing your after tax, returns, and then started selling those investments which fall below the grade? tax loss selling to offset the borrowing costs? Because there is no point in holding an investment if it costs more than the debt costs you may be holding.

Sunny said...

Do you really think that I am going to follow the advice of a nobody willing to look smart on my very own blog?

You sound stupid like a funking Quebecker. I do what I want and I keep everything in if I want to and it is what I want right now.

It barely costing me anything to invest on debt with the debt level I am right now anyway. Don't you know that, Mr. Smart?

Anonymous said...

Nice... Unfortunately comments like that don't make money, math does - Cheers.

Sean said...

I don't think he's making himself look smart. I think you make yourself look very stupid and ignorant on your own blog.


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