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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Lower Churchill River project of Newfoundland and Labrador: the dream is about to happen

I was very EXTREMELY upset when I learn that Quebec province is actually trying to stop the Lower Churchill River project in Newfoundland and Labrador from happening. Quebec has their establishments, in this case Hydro Québec. It seems to me that Quebec province never has been able to expand outside their province. They once tried to get into New Brunswick and they received the hell of a response... Do you think it work out? Do you think that New Brunswickers like myself accepted to be control and dependable of Quebec province, an unbalanced province that cheat on Canadians so many times? And what if Quebec separate? We’ll have to deal with them anyway?
Of course, we protested and the takeover deal had been cancel. There will be no f Quebeckers controlling our territory and our electricity, that for sure. I think that in New Brunswick, we all think the same way when it comes to Quebec. We are totally disgusted by them.

New Brunswick province is a smaller territory and we don’t even have 1 million in term of population. The North of New Brunswick is poor and there’s a lot of pollution. I remember being young, we could go for a swim in a small river located close to home but now, forget about it. We have one lake however that remains beautiful, but it’s about it. There’s a lot of pollution too in the very north of New Brunswick. The provincial government never been careful about the industries getting there. Because of the lack of job, they accepted anything and everything. In result, people are dying of cancer. For the small population that we are, there’s a high level of cancer in New Brunswick. So high that even small hospitals of the North of New Brunswick are provided treatment for cancer. Luckily, no one of my family, immediate or extended never got cancer, except my aunt. She went through a small but rough treatment, didn’t lose her hair and now seem to be well.

The Lower Churchill River project won’t happen in New Brunswick, but it could be a solution for us to get the electricity that we so desperately need. The Lower Churchill River project is also a way to reward Newfoundland and Labrador to be part of Canada. If I remember my history class correctly, Newfoundland and Labrador was the last territory to be annexed to Canada. Newfoundland was once even worst than New Brunswick. There was no job and the number of people on welfare was high as well as the unemployment and people on EI. But things eventually became better and Newfoundland is booming.

As Canadians, it’s important to work hand in hand with the federal government to be able to push on some important projects. In their extreme arrogance, Quebec doesn’t want the federal to be involved in topic that is of the authority of the province, like health, education etc.

My word is, you have to trust the country, you have to trust the nation. The Maritime provinces need the help of the federal to establish themselves and its ok that way. We are not arrogant, we are dumb, we are not stupid. Newfoundland and Labrador has understood the way to go. We are one united country and the richness that will be created in Newfoundland will benefit, indirectly, to the rest of Canada. If Quebec could have the same ethic and understanding, they wouldn’t have those “600 milliards” (that part is in French, sorry) in debt, they wouldn’t be stuck in their corruptible system, they will be healthy. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, on wanted to be a country of their own, Quebec should have concentrated its effort at pushing their economy. Now, try to explain that to a Quebecker that have vote Pauline Marois and the Bloc Québécois at the last election. 

Quebec is where it is to be. They are paying the price of their freshness and now, they look pretty dumb at trying to stop the Lower Churchill River project from happening. By doing so, I hope that business owners of other provinces will wake up and stop dealing with Quebec. There’s a need for punishment for what they are intended to do. I hope Quebec will pay. Quebec government should be ashamed.

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