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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its 9 PM and I want to go home

You know that you life kind of sucks when its 9 PM and you already feel TIRED and just feel to do one thing: hit your bed. 

I have spent the whole summer replacing a bunch of people at the office who were going on vacations. Following the 5 months contract, I was giving a permanent job, but I still have to go through a 3 months probation, even after going through the HELL of a summer. So when the admin people begin to be foolish and act a bit crazy, I just have 2 words that come to mind: F@ck ya.
Problem being they have a bunch of vice president and admin staff costing them like crazy and now, the admin is going nut under the pressure. 

And I began to have a feeling of being at risk because I am receiving comments. It first began at the Christmas party at work. While hitting the dance floor like a bunch of others, I got that vice president who said to me: you are taking too much place (in French being: tu prends beaucoup de place). Well, a babe like me, almost 5’9 tall and of Acadian descendant with long hair and no tattoo you kna, YES IT DOES TAKE PLACE. I find her very disgusting of saying such thing to me and I began to wish her a terrible car accident.

And while she left work, she shooted me a: “Do you still love your job?”

When it comes to Quebeckers, I am very intolerant. I don’t and I will never accept any shit coming from them.

So I am very looking forward for a new situation so I can clear myself from there. I would like to hit back in the Maritimes and I hope to be back in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia for 2013.

I never loved being in Quebec, it’s a secret for no one. Pauline Marois and her bunch of f@ckers can go to hell. Those people have no integrity.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-I'm glad that you want to loose your job! Because if you're not careful you might find yourself out of work again. I know it's hard to do: but just stick it up and get on your boss's good side. Why? Because you're in it for the $$$$$. And then in like 5-10 years you'll be living off your dividend income while this poor sone of a bitch boss is still slaving away at a job she must surely hate. You may not be a model employee who speaks french but who needs to speak french or english to communicate..all you need to do is show your boss your dividend income..and i bet she'll resent you and then you can tell your boss to f**k off like the dividend girl we all know you are.


Anonymous said...

Could this person mean "you are taking on too much at work"... i.e. working your ass off to the extreme.

Quebec is better than New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for jobs.

Disclosure I am a male and from Nova Scotia. I moved out west.

pattirose said...

Sunny, I'm sorry but what are you talking about?

"too much place"

Are you trying to say too much space? That you were taking up too much space on the dance floor?

I don't get it, please explain.

unbalanced said...

It seems you could have another law suit in the making.

Anonymous said...

Word of advice: Christmas parties can be very dangerous. Mingle, have one drink at most or none (or fake it with Orange Juice), shake everyone's hand, keep your mouth shut about work and co-workers and your personal life, act as if you have another pressing engagement but your hate to go, then leave, early. Don't hit the dance floor (youtube vid's of your interpretation of Gangnam Style may go viral). Don't stand up at the bar. Or stand alone in the corner, both can send negative images. Keep moving. Act enthusiastic & outgoing even if you hate to be there. Pose for some pics if requested, but keep your hands visible (no cuddling/hugging co-workers) & don't hold up beer bottles in cheers or sit at full tables of liquor. You'll probably hear all the stories when you get back to the office the next workday so you won't have missed anything. Sunny, I think you still have a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

I found hard to believe that the problem is with all your employers. You have had problems with all your employers even the one in New-Brunswick. I think the problem is more with your attitude towards everyone else

Anonymous said...

Sunny: On Dec 8th you blogged that your present job was good for at least 5 months. Now you're fearful. Just keep burning those bridges. Why you're making public comments about your employer is beyond me. Isn't this now a pattern of behavior? What happened to your big lawsuit you were threatening to action your former employer? What happened to the nasty blog comments you decided to take down after many told you that you were setting yourself for libel. A public figure ie. politician may be considered fair game by most. But the VP of your company isn't. Publicly wishing death or injury is self serving and vile. Over what? A comment that you interpreted as having something to do with your physical size or weight. Instead of addressing it as an adult, you choose to publicly whine about it, and that only shows YOUR insecurities. Grow up!! The internet is public. The internet has a memory. Do you think your colleagues can't trace this blog? You should be sacked immediately and told to clean out your desk.

Anonymous said...

Vp's engage in idle conversations all the time. Trick is to see where they are coming from.
I would have said "yeah. Anytime you want a path cleared let me know :)"

Asking about your job may be seeing if you as an employee are happy. Some managers actually understand that happy employees are productive employes.
Jp in halifax

Sunny said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mark but I don't suggest to ANYONE to share publicly how much they have, the dividend income and so on, especially to their boss. Quebeckers don't know how to manager their money. In Quebec, money talk is tabou. And I really thing that no one should share to a colleague, coworker or friends how much they have in their pocket. And especially NOT their boss.

Some comments are truly fascinating. This my personal blog. I can write on every subjects that matter to me.

My life is to be the way I want it to be. Its important for me to share everything to my readers so they can have a real feeling of who I am as a person and an investor.

My life is not all about money. I don't mind to rebuild it over and over again if its to be happy and to have what I really want.

I won't accept to be badly treated by Quebeckers or any employers.

My previous job was in New Brunswick, they laid off me, I went to court and I win my cause. The north of New Brunswick is very poor. There's a lot of Quebec descendants living there, French Quebec families name. I battle the francophone jerks, I am not afraid of anything. I will be very happy to sue anyone who is getting on my way and who try to reduce my chances of success.

There's just one thing that you really need to know about me: I always get what I want in a way or another. I have the control. No one will ever have the control over me. I will never let any fucking Quebeckers bring me down. I am a fighter. Its in my nature. It is what make me rich.

My blog is my memory and I will be living 4 ever. Track me, read me, love me, hate me.

Anonymous said...

You had issues with all these jobs. The only thing is constant is you.

Therefore you are the problem and not the employer. Employers/ friends don't want to be around someone who wines, complains or have a negative attitude.

I am surprised you don't have a super positive attitude. Think about it. You are educated and plus have that much dividend income in such as short time. Lots of people struggle everyday living paycheck to paycheck.

Change your attitude and your whole quality of life will improve at work and everyday life.

Sunny said...

Its not because I am writing about my feelings on my blog that I am having a negative attitude.

You are not getting anything.

You are just hearing a part of my life. Some other stuff I did went very well.

And yes you are right. I am educated. I am rich. I am perfect.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say " I am dillusional" . That one everyine would believe. Sunny, you need a man to straighten you out. I know you will disagree, but no matter what you say, it is true. ....


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