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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A conversation with a millionaire: hello Derek Foster!

My roots begin to show up and I can see them just like last time: my white hairs are real! I just have a few ones. You won't be able to see them from a distance, but they are there and real! Its so strange. I will try not to color my hair this month. Its going to be hard.

My non-registered portfolio is at $121 795.96, which is not bad. I just received dividend from Fortis (FTS), Enbridge (ENB) and Canadian Utilities (CU). I am on a my way to certainly a $500+ dividend income for June. My latest investment was made in Barrick Gold Inc. (ABX). Remember? Well, it turn out well so far. I am making a profit of 4.61% on that one so far. Quite good, and it could easily go higher. The stock market is extremely hard to follow these days. 

There's been a halt trade recently for K-Bro Linen (KBL). And following what, the stock price raised to the $34. Also Bombardier (BBD.B) is finally kicking on the place (more than 26% in profit, without adding on the dividend!!). Canadian National Railway (CNR) is about to make me rich... I am experiencing a profit of 37% so far on it, and that doesn't include the dividend. I have many other stocks like that who are performing very well.

And I also have stocks who are not performing too well! CFX is still a little disaster on its own, I am at -43% on that one. My once so much love CHR.B is at -27%. GCL is at -65%. I am at -66% on DGI, -38% on FR, -48% on JE, -67% on SII. I was chocked over my loss in FR.

The stocks name below, CFX, CHR.B, GCL, FR and JE are small caps and all of them, at the exception of FR, used to be very big juicy dividend payer. When the stocks had to cut their dividend distribution, in result, the stock value took the hit. That's what basically happen. Lesson learned? Focus on ONLY and ONLY extra high quality stock to build on your portfolio. Stuff like CNR, AGU don't lie.

I am slowlyyyy getting there and maybe I haven't read and read over Derek Foster for nothing after all. Maybe I didn't lost my time while being around Derek Foster after all! (I never doubt about him anyway, really).

Following the reception of Derek Foster latest newsletter, I couldn't help it, I needed to write a little email. and I did, asking where he was living now and if he had bought a new house, if his trip was over etc. Well, it happen that THE Derek Foster now lives in Ottawa. His one year trip is now over. He's renting an apartment. A couple years ago, I lived in the Ottawa area. Its there I got my first job after my studies. Ottawa is an expensive place and house/condo are extremely costly. For people who prefer a simple living and low living cost of life, Montreal is much much better. Ottawa is kind of a real ghetto place. I returned to Ottawa for the first time in many years about 2-3 years. And it just shocked me right there. Ottawa is a ghetto city. There's not such pronounced gangster vibe in Montreal. That's why I like to go visit Ottawa once in a while. To get back in.

In my email to Derek Foster, I didn't tell him how much Ottawa is of a ghetto, but I told him I was going to tell about his email to all the readers of my blog so he had to be careful in his response. (Yes, I know, that is what I wrote to a MILLIONAIRE). But I have class, so I also congrad him on his Tim Horton stock pick because he really made a great capital gain on that one. Let say that Derek has enough to cover the cost of new furniture!!!

Do you want to read something new of Derek Foster? Here's your treat gansta readers:

I'm finding more and more I want to focus on the highest quality companies (Tim's would be one - notice the lineups in the mor(n)ing of people waiting for coffee!).  I know the stock market is unpredictable, so the stock price could drop by 30% next week, but the dividends just keep rolling along and growing.

Isn't he sooooooo smart? :)

The following has nothing to do about Derek Foster, but a longtime reader came around with this stock idea for me because i kept annoying him: do you have a stock idea for me and blablabla. So thank you dear for the idea. 

The name of the pretty is: Lassonde Industries Inc (LAS.A). Susan Brunner reviewed the stock a longgg time ago. Back in the time, the stock trade in the $70, and now, we are getting closer to the $100... The dividend is  not juicy, but Susan said that you'll need to hold the stock for like 10 years before getting anything juicy from the dividend.

This is what you have to understand for the rest of your life.


Ok, I think I get it now.

I will just do like in my old investment days, I will invest in Derek Foster stocks (like TIM). No more gambling, trading what so ever, and no more playing on silver. I still have my chances to recover, but I need to move on. Do you understand that? May God preserve me and my white hairs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny: Be good to yourself... eat well and color your hair this month.

Sunny said...


$25,000 Dividends said...

I also bought Tims at around $49, about a week before Foster made his purchase. The dividend yield is low but I feel it won't be cut like JE or Chorus. The dividend on Tims grew some 20% this year. Slow and steady is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, you have too much leverage. You should sell your entire $169,164.20 portfolio and pay off all of your $77,778.03 debt before the market corrects and you experience a margin call and inevitable higher interest rates. You will have $91,386.17 left, which you could then invest in low-cost index ETFs. If you had been geographically diversified with a high quality U.S. ETF with a 0.5 tracking error, you still would have experienced 12% capital gains just from the Dow over the past six months. But, of course, I don't expect you to follow this advice. You are pretty representative of Gen Y Millennials. You know everything, until you learn from experience. So eat well, and colour your hair.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa is hardly a ghetto. it's routinely the best or second best ranked city to live in by MoneySense magazine. Montreal has crumbling infrastructure thanks to mob concrete and corruption.

Anonymous said...

$77,778.03 debt. What are you paying for that. Then take that away from your so called dividend income. You are drowning in debt and bad decisions. It will bite you in the butt.

Anonymous said...

There is lots of corruption in Ottawa.... thanks to some senate members.

Anonymous said...


Why would she put her money into an index fund right "before the market corrects"?

By the looks of the boomer's retirement plans, they don't have much to teach.



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