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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Canadian stock market, the darling TSX, is down down down

Happy St-Jean Baptiste even if I am not a Quebecker.

!!! bip bip bip beeeeep.

I just had time to arrive home and after what, it started raining. In this evening of the St-Jean Baptiste, I quietly stayed home and I am also quietly looking at what's going on with the stock market. 

Devastation is a good word that match the situation at this time. And there's also a great deal of devastation going on in Calgary these days. Its quite unreal to see downtown Calgary completely flood. I taught of what would happen to me if something like that happened in Montreal. When something like that happen so quickly, you get trap in the event, no way to escape, you get stuck and have to deal with it. Its so unreal!!!

Personally, I haven't invested in furniture and I don't really have anything expensive at home, I don't even have a TV. I guess I would have time to save my laptop, all of my credit cards, my passport, and my financial papers, a few jewelries, in case a disaster happen. I saw World War Z this past weekend and just like one of the main character, I guess I could get stuck in a situation where I don't have any money or just be without my wallet. Anyway, those kind of real and unreal events kind of make you think twice of how fragile we are as individual in this world. It make me think that I don't have much in food supply. I don't have any bottles of water. I don't have a flashlight, no small emergency kit what so ever.

So yeah, you get it, if the end of the world have to happen soon, it will soon be my end too! I wouldn't last long but I guess I would go get my brother in Ottawa and hit New Brunswick where hopefully, our change of surviving would be better. In the immediate time, I would go check on my brother and make sure he's safe before anything else. I would take the plane, the bus or the train. The blood of my blood is more precious than anything else. And now, imagine me as a mommy. It wouldn't even be funny.

I heard from my brother tonight and he seem to be just fine.

(You really have to go see World War Z, the movie is CRAZY fun!!!)

That's for the surviving part.

As for the investment part, my non-registered portfolio close at $115 161.65. The TSX closed it session again at less than 12 000 points. And the worst part is, our beautiful index have lost 158.80 points today alone!! At 11 836.86 points, I wonder if we have reach the bottom yet or... if this is the beginning of the end. 

When the stock market crash, it is always hard because there's no way to figure out if the bottom had been reached. The bottom of the bottom. See what I mean?

I have built my portfolio in the kind of same devastation back in 2008.

Right before the stock crash of 2008, I had invested in Sprott inc. (SII) stocks at $10 per unit. And not too long after, the stock market crash. I saw it as an opportunity to buy at a cheap price. I invested massively in all kind of different stocks, ENF, FTS, MX etc. I invested as much as I could, whenever I had a chance. That's why I have a margin that worth 63k. 

Dealing with stock crash is not fun. Its stressful and it make me feel sick. However, it is not time to desperate. This is an opportunity to buy. And believe it or not, sooner or later, the stock market will go up again. It always go like that. Its hard to believe that the market will ever gain points again, but it always goes. And I had came to the conclusion that stock crash like the one we are in right now result from politicians, from the FBI or whatever else thing like that so the big investors can invest more of their dirty money in the market. I thing this one had been artificially created, especially after reading about what's going on with China, all the cash injection etc. In other words, we have been manipulated. So don't sell anything under panic.

You think I am wrong? Well, think again. Do you remember the silver crash we had a little while back? Eric Sprott said that someone was behind it. Someone was playing with silver and it was hurting the market. I think we are under the same kind of negative influence right now. Job had been created like crazy in Canada, US is doing better, we are not hearing anything about the Euro these days so as long nothing is being said, no one will panic. The only answer is the China influenza. Crazy communist country can finish to hell.

But if you want a more clean answer on what's going on, you must read this post of Susan Brunner. Its not the FBI, its not Stephen Harper, its not me, its not China. Its a Secular Bear Market. This is why the market is all over the place. Do you sometime read analyst saying that for example, today, the stock market close with no clear direction or something like it? I read that ALL the time!!! So next time you read something related to "no direction", well think of me and the Secular Bear Market. I would like to know what Jean-François Tardif think about this. We don't hear a lot of Jean-François Tardif these days. 

China won't finish in hell now. But maybe I will do.

But before the real party start, I have a couple decades still available of trading life and we will play it on while we still can.

I have build the biggest part of my portfolio on high quality stock and many times, I bought when the markets were down.

The best way to move forward while facing lost in a portfolio is to keep going. This is the perfect time to invest. It doesn't really matter how much to have available. It can be a $500, a $1 000. What matter at this point is to take advantage of the down market to your own personal benefit.

Its like going shopping at a luxury jewelry store and the diamonds you ever wanted are 30% off.

I hold a lot of diamonds in my portfolio. Currently, I have my eyes on TRP, CU and CNR and even maybe THI. I had invested a couple of times in CNR when the market were down and each time, its been quite $$$ rewarding. So now time to get rich on the down market that is acting so retarded.


Anonymous said...

margin calls coming!!!

sooner or later you have to repay your debt or your beneficiaries in the end...

reckless investment = recipe for disaster

Anonymous said...

Sideways direction for at least another 6 years by my estimate. The Great Bear started in 2000 and they have historically lasted between 18-22 years. yes it could be a buying opportunity, but really it should be a wake-up call to get your financial house in order, for when the markets ARE truly poised to rise as opposed to these sideways, highly volatile up and downs we are in. Clean up your finances and think long! - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear that margin maintenance call coming. If you think that blip was a crash, and you are not sleeping - you are in the wrong game.

I don't buy on margin, buy decent long term hold stocks, and ride it through. Plus I'm sleeping crazy good. (


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