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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mysterious man in an orange jacket at the Montreal Grand Prix Formula 1 Celebrations

It was the Formula 1 weekend in Montreal. I went on Crescent and St-Laurent yesterday and it was fun despite the rain. I like those kind of festivities.

 Reiko Mackenzie of the Real Housewives of Vancouver has the exact same Lamborghini. and yes, its of the same yellow color! But since she divorced of her husband about a year ago now, i don't know if she or her husband had kept the Lamborghini. Honey baby, keep the diamond wedding ring; I keep the Lamborghini!!!

You see this man with the orange jacket? I didn't get his name, but I recorded a 15 minutes long video with my iPod of him. It going to take a while to download, but I am going to post it later. I am not a mega fan of Formula 1, but I find his speech interesting. He been in the Formula 1 industry for about 30 years if not more. He's from Australia and his the author of column in a magazine or newspaper. I didn't really get that part. When he was younger, he went to the airport and asked on which flight was going to arrived this X pilot (sorry, I didn't get the name) for the Formula 1 event in Australia. He wait for the pilot to arrived and he told him that he wanted to be in the industry but didn't know how to make it happen. The pilot told him that if he wanted very hard, he could make it. And that was inspiring to him. Charmingggg,

He known Gilles Villeneuve and class him as the third best pilot ever. I am that much in Formula 1 because I find it just outrageous for young men to risk their lives the way they do, just like if they didn't care about anything. Formula 1 is very arrogant in a way. But I have to admit, there's something about Formula 1 that is attractive. And I am a fan of Jacques Villeneuve so I was touched by what that man had to say about his late father. Its quite spectacular that he had been able to follow the footsteps of his father and win, just like him, the championship.

To die for the love of a sport is something unreal. I am almost glad that Jacques is no longer a Formula 1 driver. However, when you hear the real passionate like the man with the orange jacket and Jacques Villeneuve talking about Formula 1, it is very hard not to fail for their passion.

My video of the man in the orange jacket is still uploading, but until it get available on YouTube, just remember those 2 words: NEVER STOP


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