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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Dividend Girl with Zachary Richard and Roch Voisine

For the past couple days, you haven't heard much of me. I went to free outdoor shows at the Francopholies. It was absolutely amazing! It's always amazing year after year. 

And during that time, the buddy from $25 000 Dividends wrote me an email saying that he had invested in CU (nice good pick!) and that the stock market was crashing. I only see now what he meant by that... the TSX closed Friday sessions at less than 12 000 points. Being below the 12k mark is very very bad. Its bad for my margin and portfolio value. We'll talked about this in another post.

I had been to busy to properly follow the stock market. There're a lot of changes happening right now at work. There's too many people leaving and its provoking many changes and I am unfortunately taking the hit for what's going on. Its absolutely crazy and I wasn't expecting so much "volatility" at that work place when I first signed in. Anyway, I will be now begin my day earlier in the morning and I will be able to finish the day work earlier. Its the only positive thing about it. For the rest, I am really considered as a f hole. I wasn't expecting much more from Quebeckers anyway. You know how they are as much as I do. 

This year, the Francopholies was celebrating its 25 year. I was able to met Zachary Richard for the second time. I was sooo exciting, I was breathless and my hands were shacking... Hot Cajun always have a special effect on me and Zachary Richard has an effect on me!! Check out my video:

I also wait for the incredible Roch Voisine after his Saturday performance at the Francopholies. My video is not upload yet, but you'll see how cute it is when I posted it. I come from the same region in New Brunswick as Roch Voisine. Not that I know him personally, but I had followed his career and he always been a great inspiration for me in regards to where he's coming from and his life achievements. I also saw his performance last year in Ottawa at the 1st of July celebrations. Hearing his hit song Hélène is always amazing! This year, Roch Voisine is celebrating his 25th year in the music industry. Here's my video!!!:

Knowing, as a fan, Roch Voisine, I know he's particularly proud of his album Americana. So before going to his show, I bought the album and after the show, I wait for him outside. There was quite some people but I was right outside in front of the open door. There was only one door from where he could possibly go out, and it was that one. So I figured that if he would saw his album Americana up in the air, I knew that my chances that he will come to me were quite good. And he did! I was extremely lucky because from the time that Roch Voisine came out of the door and get in his car, less than 2 minutes passed by....

It was raining during his show so I had quite some problem to make some videos with my iPod, but I did a few ones. Luckily, after the show, it wasn't raining so I was holding Roch Voisine album Americana and a black permanent marker in my left hand and in my right hand, I was holding my iPod. so I was album to get him while he was signing my album.... I wait for 45 minutes for his appearance. I was completely exhausted. It was raining during the biggest part of his show unfortunately, that didn't help. I also went to the Francopholies each evening after work... Which is always fun, but at a point, beer and getting early in the morning doesn't mix well together at a point. My lower back is hurting, I need a massage and my left foot is hurting.. Problem being, outside shows are nice but you have to be strong on your two feet and be willing to wait between 30-45 minutes before being able to see your idols... And you also need to be there between 30-45 minutes before the show, if not even one hour to be able to get on the front row.

So now you know what I had been up to the past couple days. While the stock market was crashing, I was partying... And the party is not dead over yet because next week, the Montreal Jazz Festival is hitting town!!! 

The stock market can crash, as long as I am not there watching and knowing.

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