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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Money money and money

I am finally getting my taxes done tomorrow. I think I will have something like $500-$800 to pay extra on taxes, if not more... This is not going to be an happy time. My Friday paycheck will be of $1 100, so I will have enough to pay it all. Can I let it go without thinking more? Living in Quebec is a complete waste of time and money. I like living in Quebec just as much as this guy like to be a lawyer. For now, one of the reason behind the anger is the huge amount that is soon going to get outside of my pockets.

My non-registered portfolio closed at a tiny $117 484.26. Its not soo bad, but if the portfolio continue to go down, I will have to use my credit lines to inject money on my margin account. I have a 10k+ left in my margin, but that value goes lower each time my portfolio value go down... I monitor closely, but I am confident the market will rebound at some point, soon or if not, just later.  

I had applied for a few things, but no reply yet. I am not looking to get my hands on a fortune. At this time, if I could earned an extra $250 per week, it will be very good. 250 for 4 weeks make a thousand. Why is it so hard to earn a tiny amount of money?


Anonymous said...

Possibly a thing about your taxes.

When working in New Brunswick, if you got paid lower and they basically calculate from your earnings in one pay period, the amount you will gross over a year. The amount of tax is based on this. So you go to Quebec and make more money. Higher tax bracket.

Another scenario.. You go into an upper tax bracket by only a few 100 or 1000 dollars. Doing taxes and you are put in a certain tax bracket. Therefore the money you made is taxed higher now then it was on your paychecks during the year.

An example for my life. I made 6000 dollars part time one year. A total of 160 taxes take off check. But when combined with my main job, I ended up owning 1300. If I took this 6000 part time earnings away, I would of made a refund.

Sunny said...

I guess its what happen, make great sense.

I didn't work part-time, but work all year long. And had my self-employed.

By working part-time, you made $5 700. Life is hard isn't?


Anonymous said...

your own business work, does it really generate that much income really???


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