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Monday, June 17, 2013

Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU) 2-for-1 split happen today!

There's no hot water in my building for now. I guess I was lucky because this morning, I had hot water and was able to get a hot, a very hot shower. And yes, I was alone in that shower.

Yesterday, it rain all day long and I cleaned my one and half apartment, I watched TV online, went outside in the rain for my grocery shopping and I did my lunch for the week. I basically spend a big time of the day in bed and the only thing missing was a cute kitty and/or a naked man and or men next to me. 

Sunday is always terrible because you know that the day after, it will be the same old thing. It just amused me to see staff leaving one after the other. It just such not a great job environment and I am really only there because I have bills to pay and that I am full of debt. Not to say that I am full of sh"t too.


I am especially full of it now that my bank account is empty after paying $1 600 in income tax to Revenue Québec. I went straight to bed after work too and watched TV. I haven't even look at my stocks. But I just did now. I am at 118k+ and made a great deal of cash on my dividend. June will be a good month for my dividend income.

I am still trying to get my hands on an extra $250 per week. But its not easy. Like this weekend, my tax thing really exhausted me mentally and I have't done anything new to reach my goal. And I also cheat on my budget this past weekend. I spent about $80 at the Casino, lost it all and I also went for my hair coloration. I needed to spend money like I just didn't give a damn. God was watching my salvation madness while I was playing and playing again in those sl@l machines. And now good news is, I am done with the Casino. I am done for good.

On today, Canadian Utilities Ltd. (CU) split. It was a 2 for 1 split. And the dividend didn't double - it will be fix accordingly to the new number of shares, the dividend yield remains the same. Previously this year, Telus (T) came with a 2-for-1 split, it was cool, but my dividend didn't double.

Today, Montreal mayor got arrested by cops and I found it funny. I don't know why, but I wasn't surprised. Ottawa might come first in term of ganster vibes, but Montreal certainly come second.


Anonymous said...

As the latest sector rotation completes, and summer is upon us, you should take some time to rebalance your portfolio of stocks - pick and toss the weeds, and water your flowers if you know what I mean... You have some great long term plays, but as we all know you have several that you just need to get rid of. Doing this now, you will be ready for the next phase of the markets - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with your gold stocks, at these gold prices, dividend cuts will be coming

Anonymous said...

In think she would prefer to water the "sunflowers", if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

In reference to a recent action you took to buy ABX, at least the dividend is almost to 5%...

Anonymous said...

market starting to crashing down

Anonymous said...

portfolio update time, pretty sure your portfolio took a beating

Anonymous said...

curious of portfolio update as of june 21

must taken a huge beating last few weeks


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