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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have a very happy and lazy July 1st weekend, investors

Something extraordinary happened just a few days ago... my blog had been viewed 600 000 times! Thanks for  reading and keep up going because there's some celebrations coming up!

I saw Feist at the Montreal Jazz Festival yesterday. It was really awesome. I love the Native beat in  her music and her voice is quite amazing too. She's from Nova Scotia. It enjoyed the show. The place was cracked of people and I was more in the back that in the front... Smelling the fresh smoked weed in the crowd.

Otherwise, another month is about to end. June hasn't been an easy month for investors. Dealing with an extra volatile stock market is not all fun. I invested in a few shares of CNR to take advantage of the down market. My overall dividend income for June will probably be off somewhere $600. My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $117 622.60, -3.41%. I am experiencing a lost of 4k. Not too bad knowing that just a few days ago, I went down to 114k... That was scary, but it didn't last long.

The fact that both gold and silver are trading down is not helping me in any way. My Barrick Gold (ABX) stocks are trading below $20. My First Majestic Silver (FR) is way below the $17 per stock... Etc. So those have a direct effect on the value of my portfolio. But I am confident I will be able to recover.

For my upcoming moves, I plan to transfer a few things inside my TFSA. Currently, with what I hold, my annual dividend income is of $6 626,67. Its quite a few pennies, and if I can earn a few bucks, tax free, why not? I plan to transfer Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) in my TFSA account this weekend since FC is down in value. That way, my $40 dividend earn with FC will be free of tax or tax free, if you prefer.

I am trying to gracefully get back on the 7k dividend income. When I say gracefully, I men the gracious way, I mean by investing in high quality stocks. I am only missing a $373.33...

Another thing I am looking into is BCE Inc. (BCE). I never been into this stock, but now that the deal with Astral Media is finally kicking in, it could be interesting to add on some BCE shares in my portfolio. At 5.4% dividend yield, the deal is sweet. Currently, BCE is trading at $43 per share, which is below its $48 highest value of the year and highest value ever. A low BCE won't very stay in for long - at least its what I believe and it could be exciting to add in a few shares of BCE in.


Anonymous said...

what volatility? markets barely went down. if you think down only 4% is volatility, you haven't seen the worse of it. if you are so concerned, time to sell your investments cuz margin calls will come around. living on high credit = recipe of major disaster

Anonymous said...

My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $117 622.60, -3.41%. I am experiencing a lost of 4k. Not too bad knowing that just a few days ago, I went down to 114k... That was scary, but it didn't last long.

THAT WAS SCARY this is just insane, when markets really go down then what???

Anonymous said...

Enough with the warning, leave her do what she wants, it's her money. Why is everyone else so worried about someone else's finances. If she's comfortable with her investments, that's all that matters. She's made it clear that she's in it for the long term.

Ruth said...

have BCE as you know Sunny, they are solid as far as i can see. the best stocks i own are BCE, Enbridge and Pembina..never have let me down.

Sunny said...

When the market is down, no one feel comfortable, its just a normal state of human mind. You need to be a robot not to feel scare in front of the market volatility. You just don't know what you are talking about.

Those kind of people are not to be care about. If they show indifference while reading the feeling of someone, well you know, they must be a what so ever BEAST or FREAK. That's why we have to lock our doors at night.

Such warnings are just very superficial. I am in to share my wonderful journey and it seem some people are so inferior and stupid that you know, their comments speak for themselves.

While facing perfection, some go crazy. Remember the Christ who got crucified?

Now, on another note...

Hi Ruth, I hope you are doing well. BCE now got my entire attention. Keep holding to stuff like that, you'll only experiment gain and not so many losses as I did.

Good luck, investors.



Anonymous said...

More inclined Telus. Most of BCE dividend comes from phone - a problem if Verison does step in. Telus is a safer play and has been beaten up more - which is unwarranted.

Anonymous said...

A low BCE won't very stay in for long - at least its what I believe and it could be exciting to add in a few shares of BCE in.

It's all relative... market feeds on greed and fear. you are more fearful of the stock going up and missing the boat so to speak than actual down so you need to buy whatever investment idea is thrown at you at all cost. You need to be patient... Anyway, you don't take anyone's advise very well. Mr. Market needs to teach you a very painful lesson for you to understand all these warnings. Until then good luck and sleep tight. It's a matter of time, sooner or later you are financially doomed and will begging and crying.

Ruth said...

why wouldn't a person be upset to such a downturn in the tsx..the tsx is down 1% over the year, we are down more than the beginning of the year. it is damn hard to pick stocks , sure i bought Telus, it had a record of never going down below 10% and then verizon comes in ?? if they come in and it drops along with the other two stable was said that some of the stocks such as Crescent point is suffering because of withdrawal of us funds and a lot of other funds, us has taken their money out. look at today, they blame Eygpt the other day when it went down but the US went up...figure that one out.

Sunny said...

BCE dividend was made of phone revenue... in the past. But now, with the acquisition of Astral, their business is now more diversified.

I am not blogging to received so call advice. Fact is, you agree like me on BCE. The lowest of the year was $40, we are at $42 after a spectacular acquisition. There's no time to wait on this one.

With nice picks like that and the one I already own in my portfolio, I cannot fail, you know it, and that what's is pissing you off I guess and that's why some commentators are just very negative in their speech.

Hi Ruth,

Down on the stock market means there's trouble somewhere. Its not something I will be happy of ever in my life.

I love the stock market when its up and wealthy and make trading possible.

I don't like a stock market going no where with no direction and being down.


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