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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have you ever heard of this one: Horizon North Logistics (HNL)? Well you have now!

I didn't sell my Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN) yet, but I am about to do so soon. I just cannot hit on the sell button for a reason or another even if my idea is really clear. I shouldn't hold this one so tight to me, especially when Fairfax in the game. I don't understand why gave Faifax some power over the company he owns. It make him a total loser to my eyes even if I shouldn't think so. If I am not mistaking the same company is pretty much involve in BlackBerry!! WTF!! So there's really high risk when it come to Faifax and I don't like that company being around KEG.UN. I will probably sell Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN) tomorrow. David Aisenstat, the ex sweetheart of Desperate housewife of Vancouver Christina Kiesel seem to be fabulous moron. First, he married a diva, she divorced, get a fortune out of it and now more recently, Mr. David Aisenstat sell half of his business to Faifax clowns I mean COME ON. This had been quite disappointed to me. When you have a successful business, it should be yours for life, you shouldn't get any morons in your inner circle once you have it all. That's what I think.

My non-registered portfolio is at a new high! At now $134 743.83, I am at the highest value ever! My net worth could possibly be of $110k right now. When the TSX is up in the air, everything is easy. I have a margin value left of something close to $6 000 right now, so I am not doing daily transfer from my credit lines to my margin to keep it save because I find even 5k is enough to keep me the head of the water for a margin call - but that being only under good economic circumstances. If the TSX get shake up by the Euro or whatever else shit, well it too bad, gorgeous will have to transfer fund over the margin. Life is like that. Getting artificially rich by money that is not really yours can really be a pain in the ass, but it is sooo easy! And it will be even easier for you than for me because you read this precious blog at the very moment and you get to knows all my tips, best moves and sexiest stocks! And about sexy stock, you are about to learn a new one so keep going, you are almost done reading anyway.

 If you understand French, you might like this La Presse article. Following the sale of my Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN) investment, I am pretty tempted to invest in this stock that I never knew about: Horizon North Logistics (HNL). In many ways, Horizon North Logistics (HNL) share a lot in common with another fabulous stock that I hold: Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI), and not to forget WesternOne Inc. (WEQ). Both BDI and WEQ had performed extremely well in my portfolio.

Horizon North Logistics (HNL) pay only a tiny small dividend, but its stock price is cheap and I kind a like the business they are in so why not!

Horizon North Logistics (HNL) is a buy to the Dividend Girl, tiny dividend or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi I have to thank you for the BDI. It was slow at the start but then it took off and with a monthly div. I would sell KEG and buy more BDI. Thanks for the blog. Bob.

Anonymous said...

MMT = attractive dividend


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