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Friday, January 17, 2014

Saying goodbye to Veresen inc. (VSN)

I did it! I sell my Veresen Inc. (VSN) shares at $15.01 each. This morning, I was getting anxious, so I place my sell order as soon the stock reached than $15. Later on during the day, Veresen Inc. (VSN) reached again the $15.10. It actually closed the day at $15.20. I feel better now without Veresen in my portfolio and the $980.67 collected will go as payment on the BMO credit line.... which mean that my credit line balance will soon be of only $2 264... But wait, its not all!
I also just received $21 in dividend from Agrium Inc. and I also have $40.18 cash in my TFSA...

So little by little, my BMO credit line will be paid off and I won't earn anything to those Quebeckers! There you go. Instead of $100, it's only $44 and six cents that I will need to pay on the credit line every month... until its completely paid off. I should be able to pay it all by the end of March. And by the end of May, its my CIBC Visa of $2 300 that will be pay off. And after that, my $5 381.54 student loan...

Its a good thing that I that own too much in debt because I wouldn't be able to see the end of it. Of course, margin count at debt, but one thing at a time please.

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