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Monday, January 20, 2014

Saying goodbye to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB)

I did it, as soon as the market opens today, my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB) shares were sell, just at the time the bells ring. Dong-dong-dong and goodbye RSI and STB and hello payment of $1 214 on my credit line. I now only have a balance of $1 047, which will be paid off in the second week of February. Following what, 3 months will pass before the end of May. It give me more than enough time to pay off my CIBC Visa... So far, I am walking aside the debt payment plan and I am getting very excited! 

The new date for Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation action to instructions is now on Valentine Day, February 14th. The sell of my Shoppers Drug Mart shares could generate more than 3 thousands. This will decrease my margin value, actually, each time I sell a stock from my non-registered account, it directly affect the value of my margin. But I can easily see myself using a 1k from that money and put it over debt, but not much more. I could get my CIBC Visa card paid off very quickly, but I will let it go until May because I don't pay interest.

Following the payment of my credit line, I have many other things I could do:

-Pay down my student loan
I didn't pay more than the minimum payment on my student loan in a veryyy long time and I could pay off a 1k... But even before the student loan, I am much interested in adding on fresh cash into the margin to protect it from a market downturn.... so it our other option;
-Pay down my margin
-Do a TFSA contribution
I have thousands and thousands of contribution room left, it will be sad not to take advantage.

That's it! The third option is actually my first one because some time had passed since my last investment and I actually don't remember what was my latest investment... Oh wait, it was the bread thing CBY. 


unbalanced said...

Tell us D.G. How much money have you really made? Be true to your readers.How much have you put in of your own pocket, paying int. charges,trading fees,etc. I would bet you have made very little, if any. You buy 100 shares of Rogers. Did you think that stock was going to double or tripple. You don't have a clue. Why haven't you responded to my other comments?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Unbalanced, people just come to this blog to laugh at her train wreck portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Seriously DG, you're in no position to call anyone a loser. Barely 100k at 33 is nothing to justify your attitude. You should apologize, it was completely uncalled for.

Be nice said...

I agree that comment was mean and uncalled for. He is asking for advice - doesn't mean he will take it but is asking for help- why not help him?

Anonymous said...

Sunny Girlie, If you are so unhappy in Quebec, why don't you move back to your “Have Not province”?

Unknown said...

Why all this negativity? She is refocusing and rebalancing and that is a positive thing. negativity never helped anyone. Keep DOING what you are doing. you are learning to pull your weeds and grow the flowers. The only concern I have is debt, and DG you seem to have that in focus for now which will help in the long run. - Cheers.


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