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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Letting go my Veresen Inc. (VSN) stocks

Back on January 16, 2012, EXACTLY 2 years ago, I was purchasing my Veresen Inc. (VSN), purchased at $15.26. I made a good deal of money on the dividend, but in term of capital gain, I made $0. Veresen Inc. (VSN) did not gain in value for the past 2 years. Dividend is always good to earn, but with Veresen like any huge dividend payer, I don't want to imagine the day that Veresen will cut its dividend and lose real capital value forever.

Today, Veresen Inc. (VSN) pop up to the $15.10. Following what, I decided to sell my Veresen shares at $15.10. I am confident that MAYBE Veresen will reach the $15.10 value per share again tomorrow.

Veresen Inc. (VSN) had annoyed me since its been in my portfolio. The reason being that the stock never grow in value. And its kind of annoying. I really hope to get rid of Veresen off my portfolio tomorrow. I will use the money left to partly pay down my margin and pay off my unfamous BMO credit line.

I am getting enough of Veresen, I really want to sell! 


$25000 Dividends said...

You rock Dividend Girl. Sell underperforming stocks and pay off your debts. Good strategy!

Anonymous said...

I think most dividend investors would be quite happy with a 6.6% dividend and no change in the value of the stock. A 2 yr bond won't pay that unless you pay a huge premium. You should maybe consider changing the name of your blog to "impetuous girl"

Sunny said...

Thanks $25 000 Dividends!

The 6.6% is what is being paid now, but will Veresen be able to keep paying that much in dividend distribution when its stock doesn't experiment any grow?

I see danger.

Anyone with common sense should be selling Veresen RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good decision! DPR greater than EPS.

Anonymous said...

A 6.6% return on a stock when the stock market is up 25% is pretty awful. You'd be rich by now if you had never picked any stocks.

Anonymous said...

why settle for 6,6% while taking risk when you can get 6% by paying debt and reducing risk at the same time. Of course, I would sell some sprott or silver stocks and stick with the more stable ones. 6& return is a lot better than 40 to 50% loss you suffered on some stocks.

Anonymous said...

With Veresen getting more approvals to export LNG off the west coast might have been a good time to hold. TD claims this project could add $8 per share in value to VSN. Canada just granted their gas export license and the U.S regulator has them as next up to look at their Jordan Cove LNG application. Cash flow growth will be huge with this project if they don't get taken out first.

Sunny said...

I have no regret, VSN was pissing me off.


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