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Saturday, January 18, 2014

After Veresen Inc. (VSN), the plan is to let go my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) and Student Transportation Inc. (STB) shares

With the money collected with the sell of Veresen Inc. (VSN), my BMO credit card balance had reached a new low, only $2 261.06 to go! I happily get rid of Veresen Inc. and I have absolutely no regret about it. Another stock that doesn't match my grow expectation is Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI). Just like VSN, my Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) shares did n't grow in value and I had been holding on to RSI in my non-registered portfolio since February 2011!

Since February 2011, no grow in the stock value, but the too rich dividend had been appreciated. However, time had come to say good-bye to Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) stocks. Since its acquisition, I never benefit of any grow and that kind of upset me. Oh wait, that is not exactly true... I am currently on a profit of $1.84 on Rogers Sugar Inc... Holding a stock just for its juicy dividend is I think the worst possible investment decision ever. Selling Rogers to get my hands on $521 and pay off my BMO credit line.... Why not? Its absolutely tempting!

Just check this out:
$40.18 (what I currently hold in cash in my TFSA) + $183.15 (what I am currently expecting in dividend my the end of January) + $376 (what I am expecting  in dividend for February) + $ 1 117 (paycheck of the second week of February) = $1 716.33

That leave a tiny $544.73 on my credit line... Quite nice!

Maybe no one is getting the feeling of what's really going on right now, but by the end of May, I won't be holding any credit debts, at the exception of my student loan and margin. Its a $150 extra per month that remain in my deep pockets. Interesting.

I hold another stock that is in the same type of situation of my recall Veresen Inc. (RSI) and Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI), its Student Transportation Inc. (STB). I prefer STB to RSI, but I could sell now STB to pay off my credit line and get back on Student Transportation later on. Why I could easily do so? Its because STB stock price doesn't go up too much, and doesn't go down either.  I had been holding to STB since February 2011 and since that time, I had realized a capital gain of $34.11....

Knowing I am so close of paying off my credit line, it could worth it to sell both RSI and STB.

Following what, paying of $2 300 CIBC Visa card could be easy, by the end of May, its should be all paid off.


unbalanced said...

On one hand you are saying Rogers is not growing fast enough for you. It pays a decent dividend. I have yet entered the market to purchase stocks but I think I would be quite comfortable with that dividend. You and the other readers input would be much appreciated.

Sunny said...

It pay a decent dividend, but what happen if the dividend is reduce?

the stock value could go down, because like some others like yourself, young investors stick to this one because of its high dividend yield. the dividend is not decent, its a real DANGER. I am lucky to be able to sell RSI without damage, but I need to act now because tomorrow could be too late.

The dividend could happen, RSI had reduced its dividend in the pass. It partly explain why the stock value is not growing up.

I am selling the stock I don't like if possible now to pay debt and later on I invest again in some quality stock that meet my expectations.

RSI is not a good quality stock and I prefer to stay away.

As for STB, I don't dislike it, I could get back to it later on.

You must be very insecure for asking the input of anonymous readers that you don't know anything about.

A F desperate person that is not strong enough to build its own opinion of a stock. What a loser.

Ruth said...

Sunny, am impressed that you are paying off debt. i sold Rogers long ago..I like growth plus a dividend and u can see that with Pembina...your methanex and henderson...they and many others are growth and dividend..i get 5% on BCE and Enbridge , solid stocks..Telus is off ALL debts except i wouldnt worry about the student loan.

Ruth said...

be debt free,,,greatest feeling in the world. have u watched Mad Money with Cramer..he is giving advice on stock buying and the business channel is interesting but not to take it at face advisor said the airline stocks have left the airport , i am up from 5 bucks.

unbalanced said...

Thankyou for your kind words. Yes, I am such a loser. House is 450k. Paid for. Almost 900 k in an RRSP. Oh, I forgot to mention I retired at 53.

Anonymous said...

Way to shit on someone who says they're new to investing and asking for some guidance.

Unbalanced, here's the best advice, don't listen to anything sunny says. She's a horrible investor, her return on investment is brutal(e.g flat) even despite the markets have gone up. She uses stupid amount of leverage, and has so many duds in her portfolio it's not even funny. Her investment and debt management strategy is just as scatterbrained as she is

There are better blogs out there

Anonymous said...

I read your blog occasionally when I want some comic relief. For useful investment information I go elsewhere.

unbalanced said...

I am posting this a 2nd time as you haven't posted my response to you as calling me A F person. What a loser. I am letting you and other readers know it is YOU who is the loser. Tell us what stocks you have purchased on your own. What ever Susan Brunner is buying, you buy. You don't have a clue about investing. Your interest charges are out of this world. You just bought a TV , wow aren't we living large. I could go on and on but I'll stop. If you want more just ask, as I can wrip another strip off you. As for calling me a loser, I have a 3000sq.ft house. PAID for. 850 k in RRSP'S. Retired at 53 yrs of age. Yip, I'm a loser.

Anonymous said...

Great work Sunny! It is excellent to see you rebalancing and refocusing on what the main goal was, investing for the long term. By selling less than stellar stocks and applying that money to expensive debt, you can realign your goals. - Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Well you should call yourself The rude dividend girl,do you consider yourself a real investor?? you are a dump trader ,you know no fundemental nor technical analysis,you can't handle your own debt,you keep loosing money on commisons and interest,and now you are attacking this poor guy who was asking a normal question,it sure shows that he has no big experience,but at least he is trying,not like you just keep doing shit to the righ and to the left in addition to that you are pure racist ,keep complaing about quebecors like you were an angel,ok enough for now i feel much better damn girl!

Anonymous said...


"Not yet entered the market"

You shouldn't be reading this blog. Start with Canadian Couch Potato

And an RBC Direct Investing "practice account"

Anonymous said...

Let's start an "I'm better than Dividend Girl" circle jerk. I have 400K in RRSPs and a paid for condo in downtown Toronto. Wooo hooooooo! Who cares.

Anonymous said...

@unbalanced. I beleive she was refering to the company Rogers as being a loser, not you personally!


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