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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The TSX had hit a wall

One of the worst scenario ever happen today. I was getting used to the market upside-down, but a TSX trading under the 14 000 points - I absolutely hate that, as much as I hate the extreme hot weather that we have in Montreal for the past couple days. In result, my non-registered portfolio stop at $121 631.78, margin closed under 13k. Nothing to worry for now.

While the TSX was falling under us, Alexis Tsipras decided is was the time to quit as Prime Minister of a all mess us desperate Greek country. No good news for Greek citizen, as new elections are going to again cost them some money. Tsipras wasn't of a man strong enough to stay there at less 2 years. What a moron. When you take the decision to serve your country, it need to a an in deep serious matter.

From the start, Alexis Tsipras had been acting like a clown. Greek deserved so much better. If they could get organize, Greek could become such a magical vacation place. It should implant itself a major cheap tourist destination. Its what I would do. Make plan in order for Greek to become to next Cuba. Anyway, in Cuba, I heard that the food is totally disgusting and that people can get sick. So nope, I not too excited about going to Cuba this winter with my mom. I don't like too hot weather. I am so not attracted to Cuba, it mean absolutely nothing to me.

I cannot imagine a life without having anything invested of the stock market. but something I find it hard. Days like today, it make it almost too hard. I have better things to do with myself other than worrying about my investments. Being poor is no fun. The stock market was made so for the rats to invest their money in it. But, rewards come a day or another and it could be a could time to invest like let say RY or something like of a blue stock.


Anonymous said...

;) just bought some BNS as on S Brunner's Aug something to buy list

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are so down on Cuba, I go almost every year and love it. If you stay at a 4 star or better, usually the food is ok, enough variety that you will find things that you like. It is usually bland, but they are trying to cook to everyones taste - Canadians, Europeans, Asians. Besides, I don't need to gain any more weight anyway. At least it isn't like a lot of tourist places, McDonalds and Tims everywhere.
Yes, you can get sick there, stick to their bottled water, but in an all inclusive, should take full advantage of the bar. I have never gotten sick there, more likely to catch something from someone in the plane I think. But do take anything you think you might need, Tylenol, Gravel, etc, these can be hard to find there.

I hope you go there with an open mind and enjoy it as much as I do.

Sunny said...

Its not that I am down in Cuba, but I am realistic. I heard and read some horrible stuff. And this summer, a lot of Quebeckers got sick while being in Cuba. My mom will be with me, she's in her late sixties. I don't want her to get sick, or me.


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