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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Don't let the stock markets beat you down

No, there will be no portfolio updates this weekend because I have no good gain to show off. I knew that was about to come sooner or later! While being on our way for a 15 000 points market, the TSX decided to act like a bitch again and lost 263.26 points in the wind this past Friday alone!!! More than 200 points lost always hit hard. I can tell you this: my non-registered portfolio closed at $138 201.46 and my TFSA $51 965.12. Now, its just a matter of knowing if the lowest level had been reach or not. Its something I am literally obsess with when the TSX market go down like this.

I can live with the fact that the markets are down, I had been through that many times since investing in stock of course. I always managed to survive and beat up those poor conditions. I actually bought a lot of my winners stock following the market crash of 2008. It could seem like an easy thing to invest when the markets are down, but its truly not. It take of somewhat of a sexy ass out of a control to do such thing because no one never know if the lowest point had been reached, or when it will be reach. And the eternal question remain: will the market will ever go up again? And what if in the process I lose all my money? 

It never occur to me that the markets would let me down for a really long time. And the markets always go up, no matter what. Its important to keep that in mind. In correction like this one, investors always seek for opportunities and I wouldn't be surprise if the market go up on Monday. We haven't been down in quite sometime. The stock markets being so volatile, there's always light showing up at the end of the dark hole. I always recover from market crash and corrections. Fact is, true investors will become stronger over time while battling corrections and stock market real ugly crashes. And its the case with your favorite Dividend Girl! It take a real life bitch to manage another one after all.

For my 4 broker accounts, US, non-registered, TFSA and RRSP, my past 3 years performance had been of 62.27%, which is an annualized 17.51%. Since inspections for 4 accounts, I am at 54.33%. I could had done better, I know what my mistakes are, but I could had done a lot worst too. But overall, I am happy with my performance. And I know I am only getting better. Its needed, you must focus on the past good things, give yourself a tap on the shoulders and move on while facing corrections. Fact is, the best is always to come, even if its hard to imagine. We live in a capitalist word, I had been watching the TSX going up and down for the past couple years and I must say, there's always rewards. Its the job of all individual to take and make the most of the capitalist. And its why I love capitalist. The market is open to everyone, anyone can trade, buy and sell stocks. Its just a matter to be in the game.

Its during desperate and the hardest times ever that we must show our faith in the fundamentals. The number one rule: buy low, sell high especially apply. Its not time to sell, it time to take a deep breath, and to hold and buy. This is way its a real good thing to have cash asset, to be able to invest when opportunities show up. And in this matter, I am not a good example because I just have no real cold cash reserve. Its unfortunate, but there's always that next paycheque coming on for now.

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