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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Parkland Fuel Corporation (PKI): a stock that know how to treat a lady investor

My latest stock investment was made in Parkland Fuel Corporation (PKI) inside my TFSA and for a reason that only concern God and all of the Saints, PKI decided to treat me like queen and gained 3.72%. Just like that, in your face sexy investors! Of course, when the TSX is on good shape, I am on top the world. I just want to continue enjoying the current market state. Because once it will be going all the way down again, my life will be miserable - just like every single time the market go downs. I don't want to hear a word regarding Brexit, Euro.... Europe need to deal with their problems in a very quiet matter.

My TFSA closed the session at $53 017.95 and my non-registered at $140 709.27. Its pretty good. I might be at a net worth of 173k right now. It just seem to all smoothly going to hit the 180k very soon, just like magic. But for that, I need a TSX in positive territory. Can the TSX possibly hit on the 15 000 points anytime soon? When it will does, I will let you know.

I have for believes that no investment portfolio can be absolutely perfect because there's just too much involve. Its a human being with hopes and fears that press the buy and sell button. I made very good investments in the past couple months, PKI, SIS, PLC, BRK.B, ADW.A, BYD.UN, KEG.UN, MSI... You cannot find better stocks anywhere else. 

I am very glamorous, however I carry on some investments that turn out to be some heavy dead stones. Among the way, I made some mistakes. And one of those mistakes was to invest in EnCana Corporation (ECA) inside my TFSA and non-registered account. In my non-registered account, I ECA had been bought at $28.78, and inside my RRSP, $31.09. I lost a lot of money in those 2 investments and I had been thinking lately about selling my ECA stocks, in both my non-registered and TFSA.

But is it a good time to sell EnCana Corporation (ECA) now?


This is EnCana Corporation chart since inspection, coming from the Globe and Mail. Today, I wouldn't invest a single penny in a stock that show such a chaotic chart, but unfortunately, those purchases in ECA had been made several years ago. 

However, the past 6 months had been good for ECA:

See, for the past couple months, EnCana Corporation (ECA) stocks value had gone all the way up.

And its the same thing for the past 5 days:

I am seeing encouraging signs and for now, I decided to let ECA be.

However, things are a bit uglier when it come to Just Energy Group Inc. (JE):

I bought my JE shares at $13.24. Just Energy closed today session at $7.24. So I basically lost half of my money on one stock alone. Chart since inspection is just chaotic. But does JE show any encouraging signs of recovery like the once show by ECA? NO.

For the past 6 months, JE went all the way down:


And for the past 3 months too:


For the past month, maybe we have hit a new time low:


For the past 5 days, it seem like JE is very trying hard to go up:


If I sell JE, its $436 in annual dividend that will be lost. Its something to think about. Lesson learn: junk stock that pay a too juicy dividend is to be avoid. Its like junk food, to be avoid.

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Anonymous said...

some good picks, but you are not dividend girl... Boyd is growth name. Andrew Peller is now priced as a growth name seeing as it yields less than 10 yr gov cad bond, but both are good picks.

don't bother playing energy unless it is a hedge to your normal occupation/income sources. it is not easy environment to invest as it tracks commodity heavily.


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