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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The hot sexy stock of the moment: Savaria Corporation (SIS)

With my most recent acquisitions, my annual dividend income is now at $7 072.54, not including RRSP. Its a good amount, but I am will only be impress when it reach the 10k. Fact that Savaria Corporation (SIS) increased its dividend distribution by 30% had helped giving a sweet push. I have a page for my dividend on this blog, but I didn't update it for a little while now. Mostly because earning dividend is now very usual, part of the routine. 

Savaria Corporation (SIS) have everything that a girl can dream of. Good increasing dividend and extra good capital gain. Inside my non-registered portfolio, SIS grow of 23%. This stock is so hot that it appears in one of the momentum investing screen of Stockopedia. Its nice to see a stock like SIS pomping up by 3.77% in one single day trading. I learn the word MOMENTUM on Stockopedia.
I had been lucky, my investment in Apple Inc. (AAPL) grow of 4.67% alone. A nice cute bounce, but I think Apple title can sky rocket higher than that, so hold tight like if you were holding a knife between your teeth to kill a wolf and watch out, because I know I am holding on tight.

I express my desire no to trade anymore for 2016 but with still 4 months left, I don't think it will be possible. I tried to impose a ban because I don't want to over trade and just keep investing and playing with margin money, but a bad bad bad girl remain once for life, nothing much can be done about it. I still have Transforce Inc. (TFI) in my radar and I want to sell Kinross Gold Corp (K), even if it bring in a capital loss. 

Other investment stories to come soon.

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