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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Savaria Corporation (SIS) is not a stock, its a GOLD mine

Sometimes, the cash hide inside the most boring business of all time. And Savaria Corporation (SIS) is one of the kind. Go check the Savaria Web site for a minute and you'll exactly understand what I mean. Who could possibly think that SIS is a nice fit for any investors desperately trying to make money on the market? 

Well, Savaria Corporation (SIS) is my little secret that I am willing to share - but maybe should I keep this one all for myself. After all, you are reading for free. I don't received any kind of rewards for this. So be happy and jump on the occasion.
Some might be tempt by high tech industries, but I, on the other side, LOVE those kind of little boring industrial stocks. And its not too late now to enjoy Savaria free cash. Those kind of stocks are strong and grow strong. Another example is EnerCare Inc. (ECI). That one is even more boring... water heaters... I mean... LOL!!!

Inside my RRSP, Savaria Corporation (SIS) grow of 25.60% and inside my non-registered portfolio, it grow of 21.79%. And today, my gold mine decided to just reward me more and make a sexy jump of 3.96%. Lets' go SIS, I am following you closely.

Elevator business is not that of all boring after all! It is very very interesting business to be involve in after all. Now you know.

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