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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Easy breathy profit with Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY)

I like this kind of weather we are having right now in Montreal. It allow me to wear all the makeup I l want without turning looking like a popsicle doll. And today was a good day for Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY) who suddenly... jumped at $1.20 per share for no obvious reason at all, if not for being maybe a future trading star, who can really know. I think SWY can go higher. So I am sticking to the plan for now. My non-registered closed behind the $143 000 mark, but not too far away. I am looking forward for a cool little jump just to make me happy for the weekend ok.

I am trying to pay off my little credit line debt as quickly as possible, but its not easy. This month, I went to the dentist, I bought new clothes, 2 pair of running shoes... But it was all needed stuff. The only thing I can do now is to be careful with my everyday expense. Starting tomorrow, I will only have a tiny little $1 537 to pay off on that infamous credit line. And trust me, following that, I will NEVER EVER again get back on debt. I will still be holding my margin debt. I want to bring it down to 65k, but basically after that, work is over. DONE. 

EnCana Corporation (ECA) gave a nice little push on the TSX today, but I will need a lot more to recover from my loses. I still hold to some ECA stocks inside my RRSP portfolio. Otherwise, nothing special, if not that I still have in my taste TFI,  JNJ and now especially Bank of America. Fact is, I think Clinton will win the elections in the US and bank stocks like America will gain capital gain. I won't be able to invest until November, and at that time, will know who will be the next President of the States.

In other words, right now, I need all the luck of the world. Things need to be working sharply.

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