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Monday, September 5, 2016

WOW, look at the girl who has now a net worth of $172 576.76!

For this past Friday, my portfolio closed the session at $249 309.78. There wasn't missing much for a 250k! With $76 733.02 in debt, my net worth is now of $172 576.76. Like expected, the so wanted 170k had been reached. If the market play well, I could be very closed to a $200 000 net worth by the end of 2016. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I am trying to minimize by spending to pay off my credit line as quickly as possible. 

Still $3 557.03 on the go. It is much harder for me to save money to pay debt rather than just saving for investing. Paying debt come with pain. That money become useless. Its very contrary to what I use to do. Anyway, I hope it will be paid off by the end of 2016. And after that, I would like to keep a 2k at the bank. And also eventually, I would like to reduce my margin usage down to the old $65 000 mark. And I also would like to invest $5 500 in my TFSA for 2017... And the list go on and on and on. I guess that in the between, I will be investing...

As you can see on my portfolio update, I still hold to JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) in my TFSA, but that's only because I didn't have time to actually place the sell order. A future sell mean a future investment, especially if the sell occur in my TFSA. For the biggest part of the day yesterday, I went to all of the screens of Stockopedia, trying to find a stock that will pump up the value of my TFSA. Its unfortunate, but my investment in JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)  is leaving me with a capital loss of $235. What I am looking for: an investment that pay dividend and that will also help me recover for that $235 loss and eventually will make me rich by GAINING capital. Gaining instead of loosing please. I am not against the fact of mutual or other kind of fund investing, but it have to pay off. Having to pay 1.5% in management fee for a money that doesn't create cash is insulting. Its annoying. Some people somewhere are making money on my back, and not only that, they cannot create capital gain! At a point, enough is enough.

A long weekend give me real time to do a real good stock screening on Stockopedia. Like a real good one. I finish the day all drain up because anxious, I really try not to miss on my next everything. Stockopedia screens are the best way to search for stocks when you have no idea what you are searching for. The TSX might have hundred of thousands of stocks registered. Its impossible to get through all of those stocks to figure out what to invest next. Screens like the one offer by Stockopedia help because it reduce the number of stocks you have to look into. Each screen have different criteria.

My stock screening on Stockopedia result with interesting findings. For this first rough round, I target stocks with high rocket chart. I confirm, I am now a good chart reader. Especially of those going all the way up:

TransForce Inc. (TFI)
Lucara Diamond Corp. (LUC)
Open Text Corporation (OTC)
CAE Inc. (CAE)
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (INE)
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX)
George Weston Limited (WN)
First National Financial Corporation (FN)
Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (ITP)
Morguard Corporation (MRC)
Altus Group Limited (AIF)
Canadian General Investments Limited (CGI)
Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GC)
CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A)
Spin Master Corp. Subordinate Voting Shares (TOY)
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB)
Parkland Fuel Corporation (PKI)
Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV)
Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. (PIH)
Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG)
Clairvest Group Inc. (CVG)
Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH)
Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CHP.UN)
Medical Facilities Corporation (DR)
Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. (PIH)
CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd. (CWX)
Altus Group Limited (AIF)
CCL Industries Inc. Unlimited Class B Non-Voting Shares (CCL.B)
Bank of Montreal (BMO)
Milestone Apartments Real Estate Investment Trust (MST.UN)
Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (AP.UN)

I am already enough pack to my taste in the oil sector, and I prefer to avoid, but I have to say that Parkland Fuel Corporation (PKI) seem to be interesting. If I would had more money, I would be investing in this one. Back in May of this year, I showed an interest for Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB). I should had bought some WB stocks because now, the company is about to be acquired and a lot of money is going to be made. In other words, I miss a great opportunity. Too bad.

I had been holding on to Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN) in my RRSP portfolio, but ever since I bough the stocks, it went down, of less than $100, but I am thinking of making a switch, TransForce Inc. (TFI) could be a better match.

I don't want to get more involved in the banking or margin sector. With so many jobs lost in Canada, especially in Alberta, at some point, we'll feel the common pain. I don't like firm that specialize in the mortgage sector. In the other hand, I like REIT, but I am not looking forward to really add more REIT in my portfolio. I am looking for something different, despite not knowing exactly what I want to invest in... but now I know :-)

At this point, one stock really catch my interest doesn't pay any dividend. Its CGI Group Inc. Its in the IT business and their activities seem to be very diversify. Despite not paying any dividend, CGI Group Inc. is a really strong stock. This is the kind of investment I think that anyone can invest in to recover from capital loss. Its never fun to face capital loss. The only way to recover is to sell and reinvest the money to get back in the game. Its a circle that never end. I target a few stocks that could be good for those types of recovery: George Weston Limited (WN), Morguard Corporation (MRC), CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A) and Dollarama Inc. (DOL). Once the money is recover, 3 options: to sell and reinvest in a dividend paying stock, hold, or sell partly and reinvest in a dividend paying stock.

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