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Monday, September 26, 2016

My secret golden ticket for hot fresh money is Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY)

I am currently watching the US Presidential Debate. Trump just said his first stupid thing: that Hillary had fight Muslim all of her adult life. What does that mean??? It was say out in the air and out of context. He kept pitching things like that and doesn't explain. I don't understand why Trump said that, I don't understand what he meant. Its the only major problem with Donald Trump, he's all over the place, talked too much and act like a big moron. Sometimes, he has a good speech, sometimes not. And sometimes, he can say the stupidest things ever. I don't like Hillary Clinton, but Trump could be dangerous. He's not the best choice in regard of Canadian interests or anyone interest, especially the US ones. Debates like this one are always really interesting. And it make you think that yeah, bitch like me are lucky to be Canadian! Not from Australia, USA, UK, France..... but from Canada with love. PROUDLY CANADIAN. There you go. Being American right now is just as worst as being a Quebecker for those who are. It might just suck.... so much....


And the TSX is the place to be and I am rocking it as always. Its like I am a queen in her marvelous castle. And back off! The stock market? Its all mine to play. And there's not much more that I like than buying and selling stocks, if its not getting a manicure once in a while. I was pleased to see my overall portfolio value at $253 012.57 this past weekend, but I would had preferred a higher jump. Its hard to make steady points. I know for sure that during the past week, I was certainly somewhere in the 255k. My net worth is now at $174 015.04. I am not missing much to hit on the 200k. And a 180k could be possible by the end of the year.

I hope that Stornoway Diamond (SWY) will help me on the way. SWY is a very interesting stock to hold. It doesn't pay any dividend income. I get in a couple days/weeks ago at $1.15. Since that time, it went up and down, but today at least, Stornoway Diamond (SWY) closed the session at $1.15, which is an encouraging sign. For now, SWY may look like just an ordinary penny stock but watch out, because SWY is expecting its first for January 2017 and they are going to sell sell sell diamonds like crazy. So be ready to get rich and get on the ride while you still can.

Strangely, Stornoway Diamond (SWY) is a Quebec stock. Go figure.


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