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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A date to remember: February 10, 2017

The TSX closed last Friday session by popping up the 15 700 points! February 10, 2017 was  an historical date. The TSX closed at its highest ever, at exactly 15 736.64 points. And during that time, my non-registered portfolio closed the session exceeding 150k. It look like the TSX could soon welcome the 16 000 points. 

A good TSX in shape always bring easy money for investors. I am curious to see how the market will react to Justin Trudeau little trip in Washington. So far, I am not very impress by the announcements made. Trump want to discuss about the place of women at work. I mean really? Its not like we are a third world country in Canada. Women have a place at work. There's nothing much that need to be debate in regard of that topic. I am a single woman at work and I mean, I don't think Canadian women suffer at work or are facing major discrimination. Anyway, that's a stupid topic to talk about when there's so much more that need to be cover. ???

Trump should think about building a wall to protect the USA-Canada border because right now, there's some illegal immigrant coming from the US that are entering Canada and ask for the refugee status. Those immigrants are taking time, energy and money out of our pockets. That is something that need to be address to Donald Trump. Its only his fault if those illegal are coming to Canada. And while they are here, they have to stay somewhere, eat 3 meals a day, need to get proper clothes, and, even worst, get medical cares. And who pay for those immigrants? 

My tax money goes for that.


Anonymous said...

The women initiative is just a PR for Justin and Trump. Anyway, the meeting went okay I think. Canada cannot afford to lose NAFTA. A trade war with the U.S. can pop the Toronto housing bubble. And if that happens I think we can see TSX goes down to 12000 or even 10000 very quickly.


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