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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My newest everything is: Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH)

The weather is getting bad in Montreal, so I decided to go straight home after work. I can only miss Cayo Coco beaches. And most of all, I am missing the SUN. And Cuban guys. There's just something irresistible about those Cuban men, just so very hot. I have a thing or two for everything that is Spanish. Anyway, I am surviving. And right now, I finally catch on a stock of interest! Hourra!

Be happy for me.

Excuse me, but I can live without Cuba, without its fabulous, but I cannot make it too long without having any investment dreams. When it come to make money out of the stock market, I hit it on the easiest way possible. Forget about essays or fooling around trying to come with a very very complex strategy that will just blow your mind. I don't care. I have nothing of that matter to share or to prove. I want straight to the point easy investment moves ONLY.

So here it is, come and meet my newest extraordinary finding, a gem in the jungle that is out there: Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH). It wasn't hard to hit on TIH, especially today, since the title closed today session at fabulous 5.2% gain. Once again, I had it easy but it was just a matter of good timing, I needed to be online and check out my portfolio tonight if not, there would had been no TIH finding. I did my duty and here come my reward. Thank you my Lord.

Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) basically answer to all of my criteria. It has a rocking chart since its inspection, its a dividend payer stock, its a stock that had increased its dividend over the years, its a company that been around for many years and that had survived the 2008 stock crash and now exceed the value of the before 2008 crash.... I cannot dream of having more in the same stock. Sure, TIH dividend yield is low, but its the only negative thing. And never forget: don't focus on big dividend yield, focus on quality, its where you'll find your richness and you'll be happy.

Its not easy to find such quality stock but I am very happy that I did. Strangely, TIH doesn't appear in any of Stockopedia screens. Its one of the reason why I didn't know about TIH until now. I keep scrolling and scrolling and going on to all stocks featuring in Stockopedia screens on and on and on... At a point, I mean, I didn't find my next everything. There's something wrong about Stockopedia because I am really sure that TIH should had feature in some of Stockopedia screens. To play only in my favor, Stockopedia StockRank of TIH is 90, which is very good I guess. But don't ask me, I know nothing and I am careless.

It seem like a very very lucky girl next door had finally hit on her next everything. TIH be ready, you are all MINE.

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