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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH), wonderful, beautiful stock

Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) is THE investment I had been missing in my portfolio. In reason of this new beautiful, the plan of setting up a small emergency fund is about to go straight to the garbage! YEAH. I hate emergency funds. I have no real desire to build one. Living paycheck per paycheque is good enough for me. Emergency fund is against my nature. I cannot fight the in deep need of investing, especially now. But what's the rush to invest in TIH now? The rush is MONEY.

According to the Globe and Mail, last year, Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) outperformed the S&P TSX by 32.78% during the last year. I believe that TIH is on the road to similar extraordinary results for 2017. The only way to benefit from TIH is to invest in some TIH stocks - and that cannot wait. It need to be done NOW.

I would like to invest a 2k in TIH inside my TFSA since I have contribution left.

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