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Monday, February 20, 2017

Again this year, I won't invest in my RRSP portfolio

Actually, this is partly true. I contribute to my RRSP, but only at a very low level through my bi-weekly pay. I cannot simply rely on that for my retirement. But l like always, I learn a long time ago to take care of business myself. Especially since Jean-François Tardif seriously began to piss me off with his damn JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) just going no where. Nice man, good heart, good looking, but no fun profit! And no nice dividend! So when a man doesn't give me what I want, I stay away. Love you but bye bye bye Jean-François Tardif. I am going to get rich all by myself, just like it was expecting to be.

RRSP is good - but only if you are rich. Like real rich. Personally, I don't like RRSP and I really regret having invested in RRSP when I was "younger". Why? Well, if I would had made those investments inside a non-registered account, I could touched the dividend money. Currently, my dividend income is of $6 995.66 (non-registered and TFSA portfolio dividend). Now, imagine what could be that income if my RRSP stocks would be invested inside my non-registered portfolio. Like so frustrating! I don't care of what my needs will be when I will be old and gray. I want to have all the cash possible and ENJOY it NOW. Tomorrow is another day that I don't necessarily care about.

You are reading the Dividend Girl Blog, its not here that you'll read about seriously good stock review. My investing style is one of a voodoo princess. It watch catch my attention and my choices are base mostly on impressions and feelings. And of course, I check if the chart is all the way up, if the stock exceed the value of the before 2008 stock crash, the dividend yield is not too excessive, a good stock history, mostly something that been around for a couple of years. I made mistakes among the way, my portfolio is not perfect. If you are getting tired of the voodoo method, there's other option. Stockopedia is quite interesting. And for real stock reviews, serious ones, Susan Brunner has what you need! Check out her latest post, quite interesting. After reading, you'll have all the buzz needed to save all the cash in the world to invest and make your way to thousands and thousands in net worth. Very dangerous post.

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