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Thursday, February 2, 2017

On the road to financial success with Open Text Corporation (OTC)

I may be on a starvation mode, desperately trying to build up a small emergency fund, but no matter what, I have all eyes on the stock market and my stock portfolio. And currently, Open Text Corporation (OTC) have all my attention. I invested in OTC back in September 2016. I wasn't able to hit on very good profit with OTC right away. Sometimes, patience is key.

I wrote before on the fact that I really like stock split. The general rule - but its not always the case - is when a stock split, the stock generally gain in value. Open Text Corporation (OTC) split had refreshed and regenerate the spirit of the stock. OTC finally hit on a + value and that mean more cash for me.

Lately, Saputo Inc. (SAP) is also in my radar. I like SAP because its dairy activities are diversified within multiple companies and also in different countries, Argentina and Australia, and not to forget here in Canada. Its just a matter of time before SAP get it hands on the missing Australia's Warrnambool Cheese and Butter shares. Its been a tough road but here again, patience is key. And again, plenty of cash for your favorite blogger.

Money is everything.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Trump could affect Canadian dairy companies good or bad?

Sunny said...

Dairy products are much cheaper in the US. I can tell because in NB, many Canadians buy their milk over the Maine to save a few pennies. Gas is cheaper too, despite the low value of our money.

Trump will try to renegotiate wherever he can. But our government need to remain strong. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is not exactly a strong powerful leader, so we must prepare to all kind of changes, and not always in our own interests.


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