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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Donald Trump is rocking the Congress and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is increasing its dividend distribution

Right now, the TSX is playing games with my heart. Just like if I didn't already eat enough dust. The stock market is not a place for little girls. I cannot make money if the TSX is not all high up. Its the way it is. Each time the TSX lose points, my 200k net worth is fading away. My non-registered portfolio is now down to $149 332.92. I have left $13 790.97 on my margin. Lower than 13k is a critical point. No worries, all my eyes are on him, just like if my margin would be a very nice looking Cuban man. So I am watching this very very closely. The only way to go through is to remember that one day in life, I was on top of everything. Right here.

While waiting for my great returns to come back, I am currently watching and listening to Donald Trump addressing the Congress. And so far, Donald Trump is making me proud. Its an interesting talked and he introduced the story of American citizens in his speech. His words are clear, make all good common sense. Its being said that Donald Trump finally found his voice and that this might be the best speech of his political career - so far. I didn't catch his wife in the audience - she had missed something.

Ivanka Trump is there wearing a pink dress, probably of her brand, sitting right next to a woman who lost her husband at war. I think Ivanka Trump husband is sitting at her left. Trump is giving the speech the US nation was is need of. Tomorrow, I am pretty sure that stock markets a little bit around the world probably going to go up, just like I need it to be so I can be successful and really beat it up one more time. I am getting too use to be on top of my game like most of the time and arrogance has become my new vice. So back off ok.

Recently, Royal Bank of Canada (RY) and Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) decided to increase their dividend. And now, BNS is following the dancers. Let's go, make me rich.

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