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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quebec puppets upset for Washington Post article by J.J. McCullough

Quebeckers are quite funny people. A good article in regard to recent terrorist attack that happen in Quebec City was published in the Washington Post. Whenever someone tell to Quebeckers right in their face who they truly are, the reaction is immediate. They always react like a bunch of clowns. Quebeckers massively comment the articles denying all relevant facts. They are Quebeckers are just not smart enough to accept the true. And personally, I can assure you that the article published by J.J. McCullough is accurate and is a good portrait of Quebec province. 

As a "distinct" society, Quebeckers have problem to deal with who they are. But the true had now been exposed to the world. Quebec is well known for being a corrupted province with extremely bad leadership in field of education, health care and provincial administration. That lack of education is the cause of many diseases in Quebec province. I previously wrote that when it come to terrorist attacks that happen in Canada had been committed by Quebeckers, and that it wasn't surprising. Well, it happen that J.J. McCullough also talked about that in his article. In many ways, Quebeckers themselves are much more dangerous for our country than Muslims. However, for many reasons, I am against Muslims.

I previously wrote on this very good blog that I am against Muslim and I explain why. This is not racist. I am expressing the voice of common sense. New Brunswick may be a poorer province, but we don't let our children go to school in buildings that are about collapse. We don't let our seniors stay in their shit all night and they get to have more than just one bath a week. We can stay proud despite our problems because we know who we are and we don't let bad things happen to our people. We are not hypocrite like those Quebeckers. Forget about all my money, being a New Brunswicker is what I am most proud of in my life.

Get to know your enemies.


Anonymous said...

You say " being a New Brunswicker is what I am most proud of in my life". Why don't you move back home?

Anonymous said...

New Brunswick is Canada's only province with a shrinking population.

Sunny said...

I wrote in my blog, New Brunswick is a poor province.

I cannot move back home, and I prefer to steal jobs from Quebeckers. Its more fun this way.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how upset you would be if an immigrant came here and hated Canadians and complained all the time, about the queen and other things you care about. And then you told him, well go home, and he would reply his country is too poor to work there. You know where this is going: you're that immigrant in Quebec.

There is nothing about being being in nova scotia that's actually given you the moral right to come to quebec and shit on the carpet every day. Anyone with your attitude could say there should be laws preventing hateful nova scotia people from working in Quebec and taking job from Quebecers. Right? It's common sense, not rascism against non-quebecer. By the same logic you use.

frederic said...

Personally. I'm outraged that Justin Trudeau is pushing for Syrian immigrants to come here, and I'm not very happy to have tons of immigrant raining on us just to meet some made-up statistics. But I think you're not seeing that the washington post article is also about you.

In that other article on Muslim immigration, you wrote you support mass killings of people who offend you.

Your exact words were "I am not in favor of terrorism acts or murderer most of the time - the only time that I was "ok" with a murderer act was when the Charlie Hebdo event happen - anyone who draw the Virgin Mary with the legs wild open truly deserve to die and I won't ever tolerate any disloyal act against my religion."

The Washington Post article here criticizes Quebec society for being anti-immigrant, intolerant and forcing a single culture and that leds to these events. But that's pretty much what your positions are also: You hate everyone that isn't what _you_ think is The Correct Culture. There are many posts on this blog about this now; even your back-from-vacation post is about hating quebecers.

And your culture seems pretty unhinged, with being french decent but hating french immigrants like they are not related to you, you think we should worship the queen like a good little slave not born from the "right" family and should be ruled instead. Supporting radical killing of people who offend your religion while blasting Muslim as extremists.

Anonymous said...

Great rebuttal from the Montreal Gazette :

Anonymous said...

You moved back to New Brunswick a few years ago. You didn’t stay there very long before you came running back to Montreal!

Anonymous said...

I applaud you Ms Sunshine! I hate Quebecers too. Pretty much all non-Quebecers hate them. They ruined Canada. They should leave NOW. They would turn into a 3rd world cuntry in less than a decade when they leave Canada. They are a white Haiti. I applaud you for the courage to speak the truth. Bravo!!! Your's is the best blog in Canada, non, maybe the world. Surely the sexiest!

Unknown said...

As a francophone Quebecer I now have a better understanding of how it feels to be made guilty by association by racists and bigots. I will have more love and respect for the Muslims who live among us and who have been sujected to that type of hateful rhetocic for years.


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