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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My non-registered portfolio is now at $184 017.71

I am quite impress with myself because this year, I proceed with my tax declaration really early. Its not done and completed yet, but it will soon enough. Today had been good for me on the TSX, and this being despite Donal Trump being so hard on us. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $184 017.71, my TFSA portfolio $63 760.70, and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only) $37 545.32. I am quite impress by those numbers. Once I will be on a $190 000 non-registered portfolio, I will be in heaven.

Currently, its quite difficult to understand what's going on with Donald Trump. Tariffs on steel and aluminum seem to be a big deal not only for us Canadians, but for Americans too. I would just like to know if the US has enough of aluminum and steel to cover their own needs. If the USA don't need our aluminum and steel, its just "normal" that it get taxes higher by Trump the beef. But I just hope for him that he really don't need any of our products. Its quite monstuous of Donald Trump to put pressure on the NAFTA negociations the way he's going right now. And its why I like Donald Trump soooo much. What a beast!!! What a monstruous leader!!! And he so doesn't care of what he might think of him!!! I really adore Donald Trump. However, I wouldn't like to be at the place of the poor Melania who doesn't seem to be at her place at all in the White House. Trump is too big and loud and just doesn't realize that he has a wife on his side.

Now I confirm, I am really happy that I sell my TFSA Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) stocks. BBD.B announced the release of new stocks, but however, its not something that seem to excited the investors that much because BBD.B is under a down turn right now. Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B). Today could had been a black day on the market, but it wasn't too bad, depite the aluminum situation and stuff going on. Better get use to it, we'll probably going to deal with ups and downs until the NAFTA deal get sign in. 

I recently find out that I have a TFSA contribution room left of a bit more than $10 000. Its currently hard for me to do any new TFSA contribution for many reasons. The number one reason being that I hold a really too big margin, I am currently exceeding the $103 000 and because I have such a huge debt against my non-registered portfolio, its making extremely hard to do any contribution in kind over my TFSA account. Because of the current state of the market, I prefer to remain calm and not move anything belonging to my non-registered portfolio over my TFSA portfolio.

Of course, I could simply use some fresh new cash and have it transfered over my TFSA account, but because my margin is so fat right now, I prefer to put the cash to pay down and reduce the use of that superb margin.

While planning to do a TFSA contribution in kind, its really important that you take in consideration that every investment you moved from non-registered to TFSA will reduce the value of that same margin.  To stay safe, I always look to have at least a minimum left of $13 000 on my margin money that is not use. It's a small amount, and its actually not enough to be really safe, but so far, its how I had been handling my margin. And before leaving for a vacation, I always transferred money from my credit line over my margin. I usually add an extra $10 000 to my margin that way.

All this to say that its not an easy task to proceed with a contribution in kind while dealing with a margin account, but its not impossible. 

One tip: before proceeding to a contribution in kind, make sure you inject the amount of the loan value worth by the investment over the non-registered account. After what, you'll be able to proceed more safely to the TFSA contribution in kind.

I currently have close to $1 000 in cash inside my TFSA (following the sell of my BBD.B shares) - but I am not 100% sure what to invest in. I thinking about Logistec (LGT.B).


John Guy said...

Hi, Sunny,
when you calculate the growth of your non register portfolio value, do you reinvest the dividend back into the portfolio ?

Anonymous said...

Did you see Savaria's results? This is a stock to hold for life. We will all be very wealthy from Savaria.

Sunny said...

Hi Brian,

I am registered to a DRIP for my non-registered, TFSA and RRSP portfolio - for the stocks that have DRIP, the dividend earn is automatically put back in the portfolio - if of course, I am earning enough in dividend for a specific stock.

Inside my non-registered portfolio, the extra dividend earns go as cash to pay down the margin. Inside my TFSA, I usually keep the money inside the TFSA and I reinvested whenever I can. For the RRSP, I usually wait until I have at least $500 to reinvest the money earned with the dividend.

SIS is a very good investment, I am just happy that I was smart ass enough to invest in this company.


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