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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Hello Montreal!

I finally arrived this past Sunday night in Montreal. I spent a few hours in Rivière-du-Loup. At first, I had planned my departure on Saturday, but it was rainy on that day so I decided to switch for the next day. My old folks didn't do much as activities and I wanted them at least to have a great day. Those are among the last pictures I took from our backyard. Following the heavy rain, we had a little flooding situation, but nothing dangerous:

The river was quite high when I left. It's a good thing I change my departure date for Sunday because we were able to really enjoy the outdoors and it was quite fun. I took a few pictures when I was around Kamouraska on the bus, because it was just too pretty:

And here's Rivière-du-Loup:

So far, I had quite a busy week cleaning my apartment and tidying up my little belongings. When I was still in New Brunswick, I taught about going to Ottawa for two days, but I had been too busy. I have a confession to make. During my first days back in Montreal, I went shopping without the mask on. It felt quite liberating!!! It was during the weekdays, so there weren't many people around. But now, I am wearing the mask back again. I didn't get COVID so far. I don't want to get sick anytime soon.
I got my fourth vaccine shot against COVID earlier this week, and I was able to get registered the third vaccine shot that I got while being in New Brunswick in to my Quebec vaccination passport. For my fourth shot, I could choose between Moderna and Pfizer. I choose Pfizer.

The Bank of Canada finally took responsibility and increase again its prime rate. It's not fun for the many homeowners who have a mortgage, but it's an increase that we really needed in order to properly fight back inflation. I am pretty sure no one wants to be in a situation where you need to go to the food bank because you cannot afford groceries... Like in Venezuela where citizens cannot support their living properly. I felt more the inflation in New Brunswick with gas, and groceries that are also more expensive in New Brunswick than in Montreal. 

Here in Montreal, I obviously have no gas expenses to pay for. I have to say, after spending so many months in New Brunswick, it's quite liberating to be back to my apartment in Montreal. When I first stepped in, it surprised me how small my apartment is, after spending so many months in an actual house, with a living room, a kitchen, a backyard... But I adjusted quite quickly. At $710 per month, it would be difficult to find another apartment under $800 and I am not willing to search for that anyway.

These days, the TSX is in a good place. Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $149,192.53, my US portfolio at $4,854.77, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $66,034.11, and my TFSA portfolio at $122,969.59. For today so far, my numbers are even stronger. Currently, I suspect my net worth to be in the $351,000 - which is only about $9,000 away from my highest net worth ever of April 20, 2022.


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Tardif was on BNN today

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Thanks for letting me know Pattirose, I had missed that one. :-)


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