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Monday, June 13, 2022

Welcome in my TFSA and RRSP portfolios Wajax Corporation (WJX)!

These days, I am quite busy at work, and we have awesome activities going on right now in Montreal, so I have to say, I am busy-busy and I may not write as much aroud here for the next couple of days, but I will try.

I actually tried to post this post last week, but I wasn't able! Stocks are not doing well right now, but its a super great time to buy great quality assets at a bargain price - and that should remain your main focus.

I had missed Jean-François Tardif's latest appearance at BNN's The Open with Jon Erlichman, but thanks to Pattirose, I received a notification :-) You can listen to Jean-François Tardif latest TV apparition right here.

I didn't make a very huge investment today in Wajax Corporation (WJX), but I was able to invest in a few shares inside my TFSA and RRSP portfolio. I really like to reinvest the money I earn from my dividend whenever I can, and it's usually what I do. I made that investment in the past week.

That's all I wanted to say :-)

Also, WJX is totally in my taste because its in the industrial sector and that's where I like to be. Its my favorite sector to invest in.

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