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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Welcome in my TFSA Telus Corp (T) and Verde Agritech Plc Ordinary Shares (NPK)

It's been another rough day for the TSX. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $142,667.36, my US portfolio at $4,482.92, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $62 964,27, and my TFSA portfolio at $116,108.69. My "margin buying power" is in the $48,000 and my margin debt is in the 45k, so my numbers are under control. Right now, I estimate my net worth to be in the $338,000, which is not too bad. I was listening to BNN today and at one point one of their guests said that the TSX could undergo another -10% loss. If we are only talking about 10%, I am ready to accept that.

I had a bit of money left available coming from dividend distribution so I decided to invest in Telus Corp (T) and Verde Agritech Plc Ordinary Shares (NPK). I only made a tiny little investment in those. For security reasons, I no longer expose the number of shares that I purchase or that I hold from X or X investment, but be aware that whenever I announced a new stock investment, it doesn't necessarily mean that I invested a lot of money in the newcomer. My broker is National Bank Direct Brokerage and trusts me when I say, I truly take full advantage of my $0 commission fee advantage that I have with them.

I invested in T for the dividend, and I made an investment in NPK because I had my eyes on that stock since I read about that stock in an article written by Ben Hobson from Stockpedia. It's quite impressive fr me that a Brit actually knows that our belove TSX even existed and actually pays attention to what's going on in the best country in the world. I am actually really impressed. 

I just went over my budget, and oh surprise, I have a $1,700 available to invest in whatever I want. Obviously, that money will be invested in my non-registered portfolio, in an effort to help my margin survive the mess we are currently in. BCE stocks close the day in the $63 per stock and I find that to be quite a good deal! For now, I still have a bit of time left ahead to think about it since I am getting paid only on Friday and it takes something like 2 business days before my money can arrive in my margin account. I haven't checked on Stockopedia in a little while and the same thing with Susan Brunner blog, I haven't checked it out for a little while.

What I am looking for, is easy: a stock trading at a bargain price, that pays a sustainable and steady dividend.

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Mary White said...

I miss having the updates of the number of shares you invest in each security. But I understand - it is a lot of detail for a public blog, even if you are anonymous. Telus and Bell seem like great picks though. Haven't heard of Verde Agritech Plc. I'll have to look into that one.


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