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Monday, June 13, 2022

How to handle your investment portfolio like a Dividend Girl during a major market correction

It's been a rough day for the TSX, but I haven't witnessed most of it. I took a moment to take a look at my stocks during the day, and that's when I notice the disaster. To that point, I knew it was going to be a bad day for my portfolio, and so I left it alone. I just had been too busy at work, which is strange because usually during the summer, things are a bit softer. These days, it feels like we are just out of touch with reality, and it's just a very weird feeling. I try not to pay too much attention because I don't want all that madness to consume me alive. But no worries, it won't because my days at work fly by and it's just so busy. It makes things much easier for me to deal with everything else. I am very grateful. I am celebrating my 10th anniversary at my job this year.

I feel it's always good to reflect on what's going on while dealing with whatever shit. In its case, it's market shit - which I am quite good at handling. And the reaction you should all have when the stock market is desperately trying to beat you on is not to give a damn. It's ok to look away if it's too hard for you to watch your portfolio value going down during a major downturn like this one. You don't need to hurt yourself mentally. It's ok not to acknowledge a situation if it can make you stronger. The stock market always win, this is just a very weird time we are living in. Unemployment in Canada is super low, but we are facing super high inflation and the Bank of Canada needs to increase interest rate, there's just no other way out. It's crazy, it doesn't make any sense at all, but that's just how it is. Under the circumstances, taking a step back, staying outside the chaos, and doing absolutely nothing is another great answer you can have while facing chaos. What you shouldn't do while facing a market correction like the one we experimented today is to sell your stocks. Don't push the sell button, unless you really need the money and you are in a case of desperate need. What you need to remember is that in the long run, the stock market always wins. For me, it's something I understand in my early days. I started investing shortly before the 2008 stock market crash. I wasn't that much scared because I strongly believe in my chances of recovery and I knew it was all working out. It's hard to have strong beliefs while facing the unknown, but you have to stick to your beliefs no matter what the noises you hear

We live in a capitalist world and in the end, the stock market always wins. That's the main idea I am looking forward to promoting this late evening.

The TSX closed below the 20,000 points, which is really not fun, but I don't mind. Usually, following a major downturn, the stock market gains a bit in points. Sometimes it won't. You just need to keep yourself ready to handle anything. Personally, I prefer to have a look at my investment value no matter what's going on. And the main reason behind this is that I have a margin debt. My margin debt is currently at $45,782.99. 

My non-registered portfolio closed today's session at $143,774.77, my US portfolio at $4,533.69, my RRSP portfolio stocks only at $63,841.22, and my TFSA portfolio at $115,223.37. I am a bit surprised by how low my TFSA portfolio is, but hey, it's no real surprise, knowing my exposure to Bitcoins ETFs. Now is a good time to invest in high-quality stocks that pay a nice dividend like BCE, T, TD, RY, CM, BAM.A, CGY, ENB.... Just try not to shit in your pants while ongoing the process and you should be just fine.

One very interesting thing: while the TSX was losing several hundred points and most stocks were losing value, JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN) was gaining +0.83%... That's the main reason why I am keeping JFS.UN my investment portfolio, even if it doesn't pay dividends. It feels good to have at least a bit of stability somewhere... One of the weirdest thing ever being that I taught I see Jean-François Tardif downtown Montreal just a few days ago, driving a car, with his daughter next to him. She has long dark straight hair and doesn't look very old. 

And talking about Telus, If it happens that you live in the Montreal area, on June 16, at 9 pm, I will be partying my ass off and I will be drinking my shit away while listening to the Acadian singer Lisa Leblanc at MTELUS. If you want to join the disco "Acadian" party, feel free to join in because I will be there. Just be ready :-) I know it's a last-minute announcement but I just bought my ticket this evening. I will be there for real and chances are that I will be wearing a pink cap because I have no time to do my hair these days so just look for a girl with a pink hat and it will probably be me. If I am dancing, PLEASE DO TO DISTURB THE BITCH or I will hate you FOREVER. There's an invisible DO NOT DISTURB sign straight on my big ASS.

Thank you in advance. :-)


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Congrats on the job, 1o years , I guess :( :). what exactly do you do there


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