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Friday, June 17, 2022

To buy or not to buy the dip, that is the question

These days, I try to listen to BNN as much as can to catch up with everything that is going on, but it's not always possible. Just to make things worst, I am extra busy at work, which slows down my ability to follow closely what's going on with my belove TSX. However, I had listened to some guests saying that they were not buying the dip, and they were more interested in other indicators, etc. Personally, I find it very stupid to hear some so-call financial personalities declaring that they are not buying the dip... First, we need to buy the dip to simulate the TSX and make her gain up some points. Secondly, remember, it's when stocks trade low that you need to buy them, not when they trade at their ultimate high!!!

Hearing not to buy the dip is for me extremely, very extremely annoying for me. Beefing up the TSX needs to be done as a collective effort. It's the ultimate act of pure patriotism and on top of that, it's a super-smart money move, but you need to invest in the right stocks. Forget about crypto.

Yesterday, I finish work late, and following what, a mega-storm hit Montreal with heavy rain. I had my Lisa Leblanc concert at 9 pm, which I went to, it was fun, but the place was quite very full with little place to shake my booty. I finally place myself against a wall because I was exhausted. And we all know what happen yesterday to the TSX... Yesterday, I taught: well at least we are still in 19,000 points... Little that I know that today, the TSX was going to slide down below the 19,000 points!!! The TSX closed today's session with 18,930.48 points, losing 73.68 points.

This is not fun, but I decided to take this to my advantage. Yesterday, I invested in a few BCE shares, ad I invested again in a couple of BCE shares again today. For that purchase, I had transferred a bit less than $2,000 to my non-registered portfolio. Yesterday, I still have a buying power of over $45,000 over my margin account, so I can say that my non-registered portfolio is handling the hit quite gracefully.

With my newest investment, my overall dividend income is in the $11,400, and from my non-registered and TFSA portfolios, I am now super close to the equivalent of $800 per month, which I am very excited about. To celebrate, I even took an appointment for a haircut... A girl is a girl, even if it's a Dividend girl one.

I think I will publish a portfolio update sometime this evening or this weekend because I want to get an overall picture of this shit. It's kind of a historical event, one big downturn, that I manage to survive, just like any other one. But this is badly special.

Yesterday at Lisa Leblanc's concert, the MTELUS theater was full of people and I wasn't wearing a mask. Let's just hope I won't get the COVID. Just to make things worst, I ate a slice of pizza on my way home because I just couldn't stand myself, so I ate up the COVID virus, if I catch it, it went in my stomach. I should had wear a mask, but it was quite hot in there with all those people. I didn't get any pictures or videos because it wasn't allowed, and I decided to be a good girl. I could see the employees of the theater reaching out to people who were taking pictures and videos, so I didn't want to create more difficulties for the staff. Overall, it was a fun night. I am not under the impression that I will get the COVID.

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