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Monday, June 6, 2022

My net worth is now at $352,164.94 (on date of June 2, 2022)

The past few days had been quite busy, but I managed to publish a quick investment portfolio update, but without posting any comments about it. It was short and sweet. On June 2, my investment portfolio closed at $398,010.84, which left me with a very good net worth of $352,164.94. I was only missing a little $9,277.48 to hit back on my highest net worth value ever. My numbers closed slightly lower today. My non-registered portfolio closed today's session at $150,597.49, my US portfolio at $4,844.54, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $66,168.75 and my TFSA portfolio at $123,886.67.

I was off this past week, but time had passed by too quickly. I had spent the past couple of months (something like 9 months!!!) in New Brunswick, so when I arrived in Montreal this past Sunday, I had quite some cleaning to do. Fortunately enough, my apartment is quite small, but I spent a lot of time refreshing it. I also gave away a lot of clothes that I wasn't wearing anymore - am I the only one who's tired of wearing boot-cut jeans??? - some fake pieces of jewelry, an ab wheel (I cannot use that thing for quite long even if I wanted to), some carpets, an old noisy big fan that I cannot manage to properly clean the blades... I also had an old mini laptop.

It still works, but it runs on Windows 7, and the whole system won't upgrade anymore. Let me say that it's not an easy task to open a Web page on that laptop... I did a copy of all the files and pictures I wanted to keep, and following what, I perform a factory reset, to make sure the laptop no longer contains any of my personal information, including my browsing history. While dealing with old electronic devices, once you have procced with a backup of the files you may want to keep, it's really important to proceed with a factory reset. It's easy to find the info on how to proceed over YouTube on specialized channels. I also have an old smartphone I want to get rid of for which I also need to do a factory reset. Those kinds of little things add up quickly when you haven't done any tidying up in a while. I also got rid of all kinds of papers that I had been keeping, which I keep doing from time to time... 

Before I left for Montreal, I gave my camera to my old folks. I haven't used that camera for several months. I always use my cell phone. I think it takes nice pictures, what do you think?

Yes, I do like flowers.

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