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Monday, June 27, 2022

My net worth value on date of June 24, 2022: $323,815.43

I taught my net worth was more in the range of $325,000 when it comes to my net worth, but I had a few bills to pay...  The TSX gained over 300 points, which help push up things a bit. Personally, as long I am still in the $300,000, I feel fine. Compare to my highest net worth value ever, which was back just a couple of months on April 20, I experience a capital loss of -$37,626.99. 

Derek Foster shared an update of his investment portfolio this weekend. That's how I learn that Derek Foster is invested in Restaurant Brands (QSR). In his latest BNN interview, Jean-François Tardif also talked about QSR. It's hard for me to even consider QSR as a possible investment. Here are my reasons.

In my opinion, it should be considered illegal for businesses like Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs to even exist. And add to this list McDonald's and every other junk food chain. All the food proposed by Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs contains a very high level of sodium, and it's all very distusgting. Personally, I am super sensitive to sugar and sodium. Food that contains a super high level of sodium is very bad for my weight. It sure tastes good, but it doesn't do any good.

Tim Hortons latest collaboration with Justin Bieber is a real joke. Basically, Tim Hortons teamed up with Justin Bieber to propose even more crap to Canadian consumers who are dumb enough to fall in the crap. The "Biebs" products are full of sugar shit.

When I am in New Brunswick, I do drink Tim Hortons coffee, but I don't drink it because it tastes good. I drink it because it's about the only coffee I can get. I also bought once Tim Hortons instant coffee, and the taste was awful, it was actually worst than the coffee you can buy at Tim Hortons. At one point, you buy Tim Hortons coffee because you get used to the weird taste, and it becomes normal. But coffee is made to taste good. Not to taste bad, but Tim Hortons doesn't get that. As a result, too many Canadians got addicted to the bad taste of Tim Hortons' coffee.

It's not because Derek Foster and Jean-François Tardif are invested in Restaurant Brands (QSR) that I am going to follow them on that evil path. Restaurant Brands (QSR) is a big no-no for me.

I appreciate receiving Derek Foster portfolio updates, but I don't very like the stuff he's investing in these days. This had been the case actually for the past couple of years. I don't find my original Derek Foster from the old Stop Working days. I guess it's because those days are too old now...

In his latest newsletter, Derek Foster revealed being invested in Align Technologies (ALGN), explaining that his children (maybe one or many more of them) had benefited from Align, to straight-up teeth. Personally, I don't have straight teeth and I sincerely don't give a damn. Having your teeth straight up is a sign of domination to the mass. And that alignment thing is hurtful. Unless it's medical - because some people can have some major big teeth problems - why should teeth be straight?

Got to sleep on that.


pattirose said...

It doesn't look like Align pays a dividend, isn't Derek Foster all about dividends? He used to be, has that changed?

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer Starbucks coffee? And shares?

Sunny said...

I prefer Starbuck over Tim, but here again, Starbucks is not better, their drinks contain a lot of sugar, and many items they sell to eat are not good. McDonalds, Tim, Starbucks... they are not different from one another. They are all involved in the fast-food business that make us gain eat, and eat more sugar and salt that we need for our own health.

Hi Pattirose, I don't know. But Derek Foster way to invest changed a lot since his early Stop Working early days. Most of the time, I am not very interested in the stocks he invests in. But his way seems to work well for him. Now he's more on the defensive side of things than the dividend side. Personally, I prefer the good old fashion dividend style. My overall annual dividend income is now exceeding $11,400 and I am not going to change anytime soon. It's quite a lot of money for me, but certainly not enough to call on an early retirement, but I don't mind working for the next 10 years if its to remain at the job that I have right now.


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