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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A conversation with a millionaire: hello Derek Foster!

My roots begin to show up and I can see them just like last time: my white hairs are real! I just have a few ones. You won't be able to see them from a distance, but they are there and real! Its so strange. I will try not to color my hair this month. Its going to be hard.

My non-registered portfolio is at $121 795.96, which is not bad. I just received dividend from Fortis (FTS), Enbridge (ENB) and Canadian Utilities (CU). I am on a my way to certainly a $500+ dividend income for June. My latest investment was made in Barrick Gold Inc. (ABX). Remember? Well, it turn out well so far. I am making a profit of 4.61% on that one so far. Quite good, and it could easily go higher. The stock market is extremely hard to follow these days. 

There's been a halt trade recently for K-Bro Linen (KBL). And following what, the stock price raised to the $34. Also Bombardier (BBD.B) is finally kicking on the place (more than 26% in profit, without adding on the dividend!!). Canadian National Railway (CNR) is about to make me rich... I am experiencing a profit of 37% so far on it, and that doesn't include the dividend. I have many other stocks like that who are performing very well.

And I also have stocks who are not performing too well! CFX is still a little disaster on its own, I am at -43% on that one. My once so much love CHR.B is at -27%. GCL is at -65%. I am at -66% on DGI, -38% on FR, -48% on JE, -67% on SII. I was chocked over my loss in FR.

The stocks name below, CFX, CHR.B, GCL, FR and JE are small caps and all of them, at the exception of FR, used to be very big juicy dividend payer. When the stocks had to cut their dividend distribution, in result, the stock value took the hit. That's what basically happen. Lesson learned? Focus on ONLY and ONLY extra high quality stock to build on your portfolio. Stuff like CNR, AGU don't lie.

I am slowlyyyy getting there and maybe I haven't read and read over Derek Foster for nothing after all. Maybe I didn't lost my time while being around Derek Foster after all! (I never doubt about him anyway, really).

Following the reception of Derek Foster latest newsletter, I couldn't help it, I needed to write a little email. and I did, asking where he was living now and if he had bought a new house, if his trip was over etc. Well, it happen that THE Derek Foster now lives in Ottawa. His one year trip is now over. He's renting an apartment. A couple years ago, I lived in the Ottawa area. Its there I got my first job after my studies. Ottawa is an expensive place and house/condo are extremely costly. For people who prefer a simple living and low living cost of life, Montreal is much much better. Ottawa is kind of a real ghetto place. I returned to Ottawa for the first time in many years about 2-3 years. And it just shocked me right there. Ottawa is a ghetto city. There's not such pronounced gangster vibe in Montreal. That's why I like to go visit Ottawa once in a while. To get back in.

In my email to Derek Foster, I didn't tell him how much Ottawa is of a ghetto, but I told him I was going to tell about his email to all the readers of my blog so he had to be careful in his response. (Yes, I know, that is what I wrote to a MILLIONAIRE). But I have class, so I also congrad him on his Tim Horton stock pick because he really made a great capital gain on that one. Let say that Derek has enough to cover the cost of new furniture!!!

Do you want to read something new of Derek Foster? Here's your treat gansta readers:

I'm finding more and more I want to focus on the highest quality companies (Tim's would be one - notice the lineups in the mor(n)ing of people waiting for coffee!).  I know the stock market is unpredictable, so the stock price could drop by 30% next week, but the dividends just keep rolling along and growing.

Isn't he sooooooo smart? :)

The following has nothing to do about Derek Foster, but a longtime reader came around with this stock idea for me because i kept annoying him: do you have a stock idea for me and blablabla. So thank you dear for the idea. 

The name of the pretty is: Lassonde Industries Inc (LAS.A). Susan Brunner reviewed the stock a longgg time ago. Back in the time, the stock trade in the $70, and now, we are getting closer to the $100... The dividend is  not juicy, but Susan said that you'll need to hold the stock for like 10 years before getting anything juicy from the dividend.

This is what you have to understand for the rest of your life.


Ok, I think I get it now.

I will just do like in my old investment days, I will invest in Derek Foster stocks (like TIM). No more gambling, trading what so ever, and no more playing on silver. I still have my chances to recover, but I need to move on. Do you understand that? May God preserve me and my white hairs.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Dividend Girl between the sun and the sunflowers

Its been a nice and hot weekend here in Montreal. Its still too soon for outdoor swimming pool, but there're nice and free indoor swimming pools a bit everywhere in Montreal. I went to one of them on Saturday and it was fun. Its nice to be in Montreal in this beautiful weather. Under the sun, Quebecker men are just like very very sexy and it make it more appealing than ever for a single New Brunswicker female to get in touch with those delicate sunflowers just showing off their chest in the sun. Just delightful.

(I know what you are thinking at this present time).


Other than watching the sunflowers, I spent some time cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. I prefer to get everything done before another week kick in because once in, its hard to get things done. I like to have my evenings off to break the routine. I sometime go swimming on the evenings, or I go the movies (on Tuesdays), or just take some walks, sometimes in the Old Montreal. I usually don't go straight home once I am done with my day of work. I have to do something else if not I get terribly bored. Another things I do during evenings is looking up at the stock market and my portfolio.

While another month just begin, I wanted to get an overview of my financial situation and more precisely; my portfolio. I check on my stock one per one, and I calculate my protective dividend income. How I went is that I calculate the earnings with what the stocks are paying right now as dividend. I didn't add special dividend previously earned in 2013 or anything else. I just took what I  have now as stocks in my portfolio. I count my non-registered portfolio as well as my TFSA. And the total is: $6 618.07. That is below the 7k mark. I was quite disappointed by my finding. It make an average of $551.51 per month. I can no longer pay my rent exclusively by using my dividend income, which make me think that my rent is way too much expensive.

So this is it, the hard reality is coming over.

My monthy minimum living expenses are of $1 183.

$1 183 - $551.51 = $631.49

My dividend income cover a bit more than the third cost of my living expenses. Currently, what I am looking to do is to get that $631.49 cover by a third source of income. In 2012, I open my small business, I made a couple thousands out of it. That was before moving back to Montreal. Once I started working on a permanent full-time position, I didn't work much for my business. But would it be very hard to make not even $631.49 per month from self-employed work? It would be quite manageable, even while working full-time. And this is what I am up too. Why now? Well, better later than sooner.

And at this point, I want to secure my position. I know I can easily do this. Its just a matter of making it happen. I am taking off the dividend income at this point because I don't want to get in the same circus again. Meaning I don't want to destabilize my portfolio more than it is now. Meaning I don't want to take any more risk by investing in high dividend yield payers. So I am only relying on that $551.51 dividend income for now. And maybe it will be more later.

And what happen if I cannot get any contracts for any reason? Well, the trick would be to save at least the equivalent of $631.49 on a monthly basis. This is quite easy to do and I am able to even save more than that on a monthly basis if I really work into it.

That is the power of saving. Saving money make it easier to deal with any financial situation. Recently, a surprising laid off happen at work and my workplace seriously begin to smell like shit. I have to do replacement and I don't deal with anything of my own. its all over the place, very confusing and I am slowly but certainly getting sick of it. Some employees have left, other laid off for no apparent reasons. And remember my situation, I wasn't giving the right to take any vacations last summer. I was promised a $500 but they refused to pay it for me after they gave me a permanent position. Is it what my life has to be?

Really, no. To protect myself, I am tempted to put more efforts on my self-employed on a part-time basis. At least, I will have something to rely on if something have to happen. I don't want to give my employer too much power over me. I don't exactly agree with them and their so call business decisions. If I want to escape, I will have a way.

Its kind of dump to establish yourself right downtown where the rent is the most expensive and later on come with some crazy plan to save on photocopies and gave up on pay increases. Where is the coming sense? Want to save money? Do it for real, don't play on the side. Its just so disgusting and disturbing.

This is the reason why its so important to save money, invest in stocks and try to become as financially  independent as possible. Its certainly not an easy task, but at $551.51, I have a good beginning. I also made $107 online recently. Which mean, I only have to make $524.49 this month to reach my goal. Youhouuuu! It could be even easier to just get a part-time job. I am slowly making my choices.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jean-François Tardif is finally kicking it on with his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)

I arrived yesterday from my trip in New Brunswick. It was fun, but it rain most of the time I was there. I never saw such a rainy weather. It barely never rain for 4 days on a row in New Brunswick, but it did when I was there. My next go-away in new Brunswick will be at the end of July-beginning of August. In the meantime, as long as I remain employed, I am thinking of going to maybe to Mont-Tremblant, and I may go back to Ottawa for the 1st of July celebration.

I was away for the past two weekends but I really needed a getaway. I haven't moved from Montreal since Christmas. My expenses on my credit card for the past two trips are not too bad. I am racking on the $1 100 (I really taught it was going to be more). My statement for June is only of $435.41. If I don't buy anything extra like clothes or exotic David's Tea or anymore gifts for my mom when I will go back in July, I will be able to go through those expenses very easily, thanks to my dividend income. but I really need to stay employed and also to take it easy this entire week and also the entire month of June.

On my way back to Montreal yesterday afternoon I bough the Elle Quebec and I read a nice article about Banff and it just gave me the vibe to go there, even for just a few days. I still have 2 vacation day of 2012 to take and we are on May 2013!! I pretty back on vacation days. The matter is just to budget to be able to go everywhere I want.

My mom got a great few gifts. I bought her the CD of Jean-Marc Couture, an Acadian guy who rock at the Quebec Star Academie (its kind of like American Idol). Acadians kick ass every where they go. I bought her some Mango Punch (i think its how its call) David's Tea, a little thing to put on a cup to make some tea, and also a few things from the Body Shop. Nothing for my father, but he enjoyed some tea. I am a girl, gift ideas for men  is just no exactly coming to me easily.

I am just very happy to be at the Second Cup and write this post because I have too much to do at home. I still have my winter clothes to place back in my luggages because I am running out of place in my closet which is quite small to be a girl closet. And on top of that I have my laundry to do, and I also have to empty my bags. Am I going to do anything tonight? NO NOTHING. I am reading Susan Brunner blog and I am about to learn that SHE'S A TRADER TOO!!! Wow! Susan Brunner is a trader and an investor and maybe she's too smart to be read by me but I do read her whenever I  have a chance. I am going to try to go over it.

This is how the ordinary turn into something very special and sexy. From oh f boring Dividend Girl Blog to max of $$$. Bang!

Is it going to be always so easy?

Jean-François Tardif finally decided to kick it on and his fund units are FINALLY exceeding the $10 per unit... Its been a wild and very longggg journey for Tardif but this is what I had been waiting for. I want profit and I want to make a big deal of money on the back of the belove Mr. Tardif. when it come to the JFS.UN, I am looking for much much more. I had been holding my JFT Strategies Fund units for a very long long time now and time have come for Tardif to deliver if not I am never going to be able to move on.

My non-registered is on the $123 600 and I am turning 33 in August.

I need to remain employed, keep getting the dividend cash flow giving and I need Jean-François to take over the effect of the cherish on the Sunday I need marvelous $$$.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome in my portfolio Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)

This is going to be a quick morning post as I arrived early today as I taught a colleague was going to take another sick day. But since she arrived on time I decided to escape and I will go there at my usual time.

This is not something fresh and new from Susan Brunner blog, but a time ago, I read about her investing in Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), so I decided to do the same! LOVE U DEAR SUSAN.


Why this?

Well, at this point, i barely know what to invest in anymore in term of new stocks. Derek Foster has escaped the Canadian stock market to the US one. The guys at Sprott can no longer deliver. Jean-François Tardif is driving me crazy these days because he simply cannot kick it off. JFS.UN is just at a low $10, same point as the entry point. So no loss and no money made. I need Jean-François Tardif to deliver. I had been waiting so f long for his return!!! I knew he was coming back and he did. And he did so the medium-small-poor investors can invest with him. However, since his return, the JFS.UN hasn't been one of those great investment. I need some shit that will perform. I need profit.

So previously, I said $%* Tardif, I am going to get rich on my own. And this is exactly what I am doing now. However, I still hold JFS.UN in my portfolio and I think I will always. My expression is the expression of an in deep maddness. Tardif is the most secret and enjoyable fund manager there is out there. I won't let him away of my investment, but I will express my stress and the future enjoyment of getting rich on his lovely back.

First of all, when ABX began earlier this year to its lowest level, Susan Brunner said it was a too good opportunity to miss. Its not too late to get in the boat now and enjoy some lovely profit. If you buy now, your dividend income will be a bit more of 4%. Also, if you are of the adventurous type, this stock might be good to perform some day or week trading on it. Like buy now, sell a bit later. BUT, knowing the value of gold and of that company, it could be a one of those fantastic idea to just simply buy and holdddd forever Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). So instead of just continuing flashing on my Jean-François Tardif, I decided to get rich by my own and be just extra smart and invest in Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). I invest in my RRSP because I had more than 1k available there and I also invested in my non-registered.

So today, when the stock market bell will rings, I will be on my way to make a good fortune not on the back of Jean-François Tardif secret lover but on the back this time of Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX). This is how smart girls get rich.

You  may not hear from me for the next couple days after today because I will be away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love nice long weekends

I haven't blog in quite sometime. I just post on the comments, check quickly out of my stocks. I had been busy at work. Other than working, I sometimes go to the movies, I go shopping and I like to take longg walks around downtown Montreal. But this past weekend, I wasn't in Montreal, I was in Ottawa.

It was too much at the last minute for my bro, I went upset, say chitty things about his ex girlfriend hang up on him, but went anyway to Ottawa, but not at my brother place of course. I saw my brother on Monday despite the incident. And I learned that my brother suffer from an anxiety problem. He sometimes wake up in the middle of night and feel like he's about to die. My doors are always open to family, no matter what. I don't exactly understand the relation between his anxiety problem and not being able to welcome me in his apartment. In his case, it was a you should have left me know in advance. but he told me he doesn't want to deal with stress anymore. Am I that of a big sister? I GUESS SO :) Anxiety problem is not to laugh about but I am kind of related to my brother problem in a sad way.

Its true I like to comment about everything related to his life but its good comment. Like I suggest him to switch to a one bedroom instead of 2. He would save about $100 per month. At the end of one year, it make $1 200 in saving. So why doesn't he take that option? Because he wants to keep his comfort. The problem is that my very own brother doesn't want to make any sacrifice. He doesn't deprive himself of anything he wants. Like he wanted once to buy a new desk to put his CD owns... I told him: you don't need that. I try to make him understand how to save money. i told him that by not buying it he will save some money. But he didn't get that. Instead, he suffer from anxiety  He always been active and a bit of the nervous type but I think that his problems with money only made things worst. I wanted to give him $150 for staying at his place but he refuse. I said I could give him $50 but he refused. And I was also willing to borrow him $50 but he didn't want too. The only thing I bought him was a tea treat and it was about it. Nothing more. But its not because I didn't want too.

If I would had known sooner about his anxiety, I would had stopped and I wouldn't have scream at him and everything else. And I wouldn't had say some bad things about his ex girlfriend. But the girl was a bitch anyway. Like Derek Foster wife, she's Korean. But I don't know if Derek Foster wife is the kind of a bitch or not. I hope not for him!! lol. Don't ask me if its the South or North, I don't know. Anyway, it went well for a while and following what she decided she wanted to live someplace else. I don't know more.

My mom always been very good at saving money. I got that too very tight in my soul, but not my brother. I try to help him and make him understand, but I am not successful at it. The easiest things are sometimes among the most difficult to explain. I am not the type who earn 50k+ salary a year, but with what I earn as money over the years, I had been able to build a nice portfolio and I am currently at a net worth of a bit more than 90k. I saved money were I could and it paid off. I could stay in a 3 and a half apartment, buy myself some nice furnitures, a plastma TV and everything else. I could, I have the money for. But I am not interested in those things because it will make me spend more. And by not having too much spending I can afford a few little trips here and there. Life is expensive in Ottawa area. It more than important to evaluate each saving opportunity properly. But I cannot help no more, I am stressing out my brother and making him feel sad.  

He was looking great and didn't look like he had trouble to sleep. The only problem is that he's not willing to take any of my advice.

It was last minute plan, but no big deal, Ottawa is not that far away from Montreal. And I wanted to be sure I was going to have a nice weather. I have a very beautiful Saturday, a bit of rain on Sunday and a bit cloudy on Monday. Since my brother didn't want me in, I pass Saturday and Sunday nights at the University of Ottawa (summer accommodation). It was $35 + taxes a night, a good deal compare to the price of a hotel. But next time, there's that hotel that I really want to try, its the Hilton Hotel at the Lac Lemay Casino on Hull side. It start at $249 per night. It look very gorgeous and the swimming pool look absolutely awesome. So i told my bro that next time I will rent a room there and we'll be able to enjoy the swimming pool. There's an indoor and outdoor one, quite nice.

Poooorrr students who have to stay there during the year. The room are extra small and its a bit crappy. Like there's men and women on the same floor. We have the showers and toilets outside the room. There's one shower/toilet thing for the men, and another one for the women. Only problem, once being inside, there's no shower door that you can lock. And the main door doesn't lock. So yeah,, whenever someone want to catch the picture of a nice looking girl taking her shower, she or he can...

Oh.. and the shower was COLD. Yak!

Other than that, it was ok. I left my luggage inside their lobby on Monday and when I came back around 5 pm, my luggages were still there, waiting for me. In my case, I wanted something cheap. I guess foe the shower thing, if a girl is alone and really care well, I guess you can always shower wearing a bathing suit!!! I wasn't scare, just a bit annoy that my beautiful booty could be so easily at see of a sexy guy.

After a few days in Ottawa, I was happy to go back home even if for now that "home" is in Montreal. What I need is a boyfriend that will pay everything for me. From trips to rent for everything. But on the meantime, I can get everything I want anyway.

While going away like that, there's always some laundry that need to be done, things to be clean... I am going again to a little trip really soon. This time to my hometown in New Brunswick. And after that I will have July 1st off and also about 2 weeks at the end of July-beginning of August. I always like to take my vacations on the last week of July.

I have pictures on my camera chip but I am too lazy to get it on my laptop. But i haven't been too lazy not to look at my broker account. my stocks are doing well these days. My non-registered alone is at $125 362.33. Almost a 5%+ up. I am quite happy, as you can imagine. I had accumulated great dividend too in and out my TFSA. I have a $80 something coming from my dividend in my TFSA that I would love to withdraw. But TD Waterhouse make things very difficult because there's only one free withdraw per year. That being if the rules haven't change.

In other words, TD Waterhouse don't give a damn of how rich I am. They want to make money on my back well hell yeah, TD suck sometimes. I had many problem of that type with TD Waterhouse. Not having the liberty to do what I want with my money is yes the hell of a problem. I have a bus ticket to New Brunswick to pay off and I need to bring down my margin to 50k. I am currently to 52k. That's because I used a 2k to pay off a credit card left over debt. The dividend income is kicking on and I just hope one day I will be able to leave Quebec province forever.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paying a credit card debt or kind of

In the previous post, I talked a lot about credit card balance transfer. I will continue a bit more in this post. back in April, I completed a 10k+ credit card balance transfer over TD Visa for a 2.9% special interest rate for 6 months. I still had a close to 5k to transfer someplace else before getting back over TD side at their super low promotional rate. In May, I proceed with the transfer of the close to 5k amount from TD Visa to RBC Visa. Once the transferred completed, I called TD Visa. And when i came to do the transfer, the promotional interest rate was no longer from the account. I talked about that previously. But why I don't have the promotional interest rate anymore at TD Visa?

I had a promotional interest rate at TD Visa for a long long time. But fact is, I had noticed that it wasn't always available in the account. I sometime had the promotional rate available (I could see it online), and sometime not. While being on the promotional rate and being set for 6 months, the month after I could see that it wasn't there anymore. But luckily, each and single time my 6 months expired, the promotional interest rate for 6 months was back in my account.

I had a 15k balance at TD Visa. I always complete the transfer at another Visa institution in 2 shoots (I don't have another 15k Visa credit card, that's why). What happen is that I complete a first transfer back in April. And the second... in May. But in May, the promotional rate was no longer from my account. So I had been caught in a in between. I talked to several TD Visa reps, all good folk, and they all explain to me that its a promotion (I knew that, but I am supposed to be a TD princess ok), and it sometime comes and goes from the account. I notice that myself. This time, I wasn't quick enough for doing my transfers.

However, despite this bad luck, I had completely paid the close to 5k I had left over at RBC Visa today. How I did it? Quite simple, by using a promotional cheque of American Express at 0% for 6 months. This came at a perfect, perfect time. And I thank God for the blessing even if he was nothing to do about it. I also use a bit of my margin money. What I plan to do is this: wait that the cheque appears in my account at American Express and following what, I will call them and asked for a 1-2k increased - which I probably get.

For the next 6 months, I will try to put over more money aside and if it happen that my luck completely run out, I will have some cash and substance to actually do a simple thing that I never care to do before: paying in full my TD Visa credit card debt.

For my part, I probably will just get this life. Since I am not a kitty and won't have 9 lives, I decided that I could do whatever I wanted with my money. Its my very own money juice and I do whatever I want with it. This is the idea. This is why I don't care about paying my debt. Tax credit, tax credit and tax credit. I get a tax credit for my student loan and I also get tax credit for all loans used over investment. Since the tax system had been build for the rich of the richers, I am taking advantage of it. May God bless my country, Canada, the land of $$$.

You can do whatever you want with your money, enroll into debt, as long as it remain manageable, everything is under control.

And in term of $$$, I am doing quite well these days. My non-registered portfolio climbed to a very magical $121 294.87. Anything exceeding the 120k is worth the word magical. I would just like Jean-François Tardif to be as magical as me. Tardif my sweetheart, what the hell are you doing? You are no longer kicking ass. But am I waiting. See, I had invested in the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) because Jean-François Tardif was managing it. Oh but please, F U Tardif!

My bastard lovely sweetheart decided to take it easy. Jean-François Tardif can no longer deliver. That's what going on. I had invested 2k in his fund for F NOTHING. But is it really surprising? Trst me on that one, never but your faith and hope in a Quebecker. They are f up people with poor intelligence and they want to reopen our Constitution. Too bad animals, you have miss the boat. BYE BYE! I don't want Quebec in my b love country. Quebeckers don't have the heart it take to be successful. Their "country" is so well manage that it hold the highest tax rank in North America. Is that enough? Entrepreneurs with brain should just simply escape that tax slavery. Its almost a miracle on itself to be holding that much in cash as I do. How am I doing it? Don't ask me. Its all naturally stuff that been in deep in my DNA. I was born to get everything I want. Generally speaking, I  get what I want. but its because I want it.

The major problem with Quebeckers is that they don't know what they want. They have no goals and they don't have the guts it take to become a country of their own despite all the misery they put on our federal government. Want to f and mess up? OH YEAH. Quebec is paying the high price for its arrogance and this, this is revenge. No more tax credit for their animal funds. Seem like Ottawa decided to suck them just as they had suck Ottawa. Reopening the Constitution? It won't happen anytime soon.

Its seem I cannot rely on Jean-François Tardif to become rich so if you don't mind, I will rely on my own self. And trust me, I will give my punch in the face to those little Quebeckers. If a war have to happen between Quebec and Canada, a real war, well, I will be on the battle field and I will fight until I died. Like a real soldier.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Better luck next time Dividend Girl

This is what is going on. For the past couple years, I always had great promotional interest rates on credit card balance transfer with TD Visa. I had 4.9%, 1.9%, 2.9%....

Recently, I completed a credit card balance at TD Visa at 2.9% for 6 months. The amount carried over was something like 11k. Cool great awesome! That was completed at the end of April. I was on my way to proceed with another credit card balance transfer at TD Visa for another 4k. However, the promotional interest rate is NO longer from my account! Which mean I cannot proceed with another credit card balance at 2.9%.

I had the promotion in my account non stop for many years now at TD Visa. And now, it suddenly stop?

Great news is I have a 0% interest rate at American Express I can use. Great, but I wanted to use that 0% on something else, like to pay for my shopping and my vacations. But it won't happen that way, of course!

A promotional interest rate is a promotion. Is not mean to be there forever. But I am a little bit desperate. Especially now that I am about to have my tax declaration completed next week.

I always been treated like a princess at TD. But now, the princess is being treat like shit. This is not nice TD VISA! I USED TO LOVEEEE UUUUU and know I feel like bunching you into the ground.

At least, my non-registered portfolio is doing very great. My portfolio closed today session at $120 642.67. And some new dividend had kicked off.

Life is all about balance. When you jungle with debt, that's the price to be paid. But I have an angel protecting me (I still have that 0% interest rate at American Express). Kinda rocking the place no matter what.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Could it be? American Express is offering me a 0% interest rate for 6 months

I must be the luckiest girl in the word. The weather is absolutely gorgeous these days in Montreal. ITS THE SUMMER! YOUHOUUU. And the summer mean I don't give a damn of what's going on with the stock market... or almost. I am looking from a distance. My non-registered portfolio closed at $120 040. My margin is at $50 060, which is good because I don't want to use more than 50k of my margin money. My numbers are looking great for now.

I always find things to do during the evenings. I only want to be outside. Last evening was spent in the Old Montreal and this evening was spent at a X public swimming pool located in X spot closed to where I live on this X street... Just somewhere in Montreal. On the hot spot.

I had received a call this evening. My tax declaration is ready. Only my expenses for my self-employment need to be taking care of, but that's all. So I guess that by next week I will be done. I have no idea how much I will have to pay on taxes, but it will be around $600 I believe, if not more. Quebec province is really beautiful during the summer, but the tax system is running everything.

But God is watching and decided to help me. Previously, we chat about TD Visa giving me a 2.9% and a fee of 1% on the balance. Well, this time, its even better because I have a 0% interest rate with no other related fee to pay and that's good for 6 months. Where am I? Is this heaven? Where am I?

I have another 4k+ transfer that need to be completed to TD Visa. I have closed to 3k available on my American Express. I will certainly used the 0% interest fee for my own interest, that's for sure. This is just coming right on time for the summer! Nice.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

About this past weekend (sorry, this only a hello post, no investment story to tell or almost)

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine had been AWESOME! I usually do my cleaning, laundry and everything else on Sunday, but knowing how gorgeous the weather was going to be, I took care of the cleaning on Friday evening.

On Saturday, I wake up around 9 AM, which I rarely do and I went out for breakfast. Following what, I did my grocery shopping. Once I came back, I saw a parade. There was that very good reggae singer and there was green balloon with weed flower on it... AND it was smelling POT! It was a parade for the legalization of marijuana. I am totally against the idea, but I have to say, I very liked the smell of the fresh smoked weed... hummmmmmm it smell gooddd lol.

In the afternoon, I went swimming in an interior pool. It was FREE. I went swimming for a good 2 hours. After that, I came back home, clean my hot new bathing suit, did my nails in a pretty pink shade and I went to the casino. I stupidly lost and played $40. i used to go there and win-win-win. Its good that I actually lost this time because I have better things to do than playing at the Casino. Its not very healthy going there and playing the hard earned money. It doesn't really worth it. Its only create a desire to go back, and go back, ding-ding-ding.... I have enough. In another life, I might had been a great Casino player, but not in this one. After loosing my $40 I went back downtown Montreal for shopping and I went see Iron Man 3. Its a fun movie to watch.

Today, I wake up early, went off for breakfast and I went for a longgg walked to the Mont-Royal. It was absolutely stunning. But the Castor Lake was empty of water. I went to the Cemetery Côte-des-Neiges and I saw the grave of Maurice Richard, a famous hockey player. Its the only celebrities grave I had been able to find. But I have to say, I didn't went deep inside the cemetery. On my way back, I took the wrong trail and I finish my walked in the forest in Côte-des-Neiges. I was totally lost but I noticed some downtown buildings. I was closed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. On my way back home, I went to ice cream and beer (yeah yeah, you read right)...but oh mistake, a few hours later, I was completely dead. Once home, I take a nap and I did some laundry.

I had plan to work on some HubPages articles this weekend but with the beautiful weather, no-no, no time. I had received recently a $58 from HubPages. The idea was to write more to earn a bit more and pay for my festive shopping of the last few days. I am almost done with the shopping for now. The only other thing I would like is a new pair of sandals but its not a mandatory thing. Especially knowing I have a trip ahead plan for New Brunswick at the end of the month. I have off on Victoria day and I was thinking of going on somewhere. But no plan yet.

And now, another week is about to begin.

I was quite surprised with the amount of cash I had left available following my rent payment. This mean that I haven't done anything with pay I received 2 weeks ago. Which is very strange because I usually transfer any funds available to my margin account. I had $1 500 available. No plan ahea.

Summer is definitively my season. If I wouldn't be working, I would spend all my time outside, or in the pool, or drinking beer until I cannot take no more (but one is generally all I can take).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TD Visa now charge a 1% fee on credit card balance transfer

Its always kind of a bad day when you have to give that big cheque for rent. I mean why is it costing that much only to have a root under my head? Toooo bad. A couple of hundred bucks just gone with the wind.

I was all so happy yesterday: just like magic, my non-registered portfolio was hitting back the 120k! I never taught I was going to hit it again anytime soon. But today, it went under the 120k. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a bit more than 119k. I am still lucky, I guess. But I am not lucky anymore with TD Visa.

For what had been now a very very long time, TD Visa offer me special interest rate on credit card balance transfer for 6 months. I had the rate of 4.9%, 2.9% and 1.9%. Currently, the rate on credit card balance transfer at TD Visa is of 2.9%. I had the promotion in my account like 4 ever now. Every 6 months, I take the balance of my TD Visa and transfer it someplace else (on another Visa card). Once the transfer is completed, I transfer the balance from the X other Visa back to TD Visa. In the past, I had named the procedure "ping-pong", I guess you understand why, because it is what it is, its really a hot ping-pong game between 2 Canadian institutions. Nice isn't?

In the past few years, TD Visa treat me like its Queen, its fabulous princess. I am a TD princess. I always get everything or almost I want with TD. Is it nice to be a TD princess? Yeah, it is. But now, the myth is broken. TD Visa is now playing against me.

Wanna long more on what's going on right now between TD Visa and the Dividend Girl?

Ok, well, last time I call TD Visa to have my credit card balance completed, I was told that on May 1st, a credit balance fee of 1% will apply on top of the promotional interest rate. Let say I want to transfer $4 000 over TD Visa at their promotional rate of 2.9%, on top of the interest, a one time fee of 1% ($40 in this example) will apply.

I WAS SHOCKED when I learned this.

TD VISA, the Dividend Girl is really really upset.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What a deception. TD Visa, you used to rock my world, and you too are treating me like shit just like the other bank.

I am no longer a TD princess.

The myth had came to an end.

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