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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) belong to small investors

The TSX gains some points today and I hope that for once, the gains will last. My non registered portfolio seem to be at 46 728$. I am hoping for some new gains real soon. Now that the Jazz Festival is over, I will be following my investment a bit more. I took some very awesome pictures and I will eventually post them on my blog.

As for now, the heat is horible as I am living it without air conditioning at home. Air conditioning or not, I am still receiving dividend… and I had received on July 6th Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend of 76.15$. This bring my 2010 dividend earns so far to 1 774.30$. Which is very nice. So far, the month of July had been great, but June pass by too quickly. I will be turning 30 in August and I had planned all kind of stuff to do in the meantime you know, like things to do before getting older…. But time running up too fast for me so here am I, writing about things and projects I really wanted to do… but you know, time or some real organization skill is missing from my part. I had been easy on my stuff, working the minimum hours to keep things going on. I didn’t work as much as I could on my investment project but at a point, my 100 000$ in assets project began to take to much place as I handle many jobs and so on. I am not distubed about having to work several job at a time to reach my goal……

I worry instead about my weight. In 2009, I took several extra pounds that I am not used to have. Reason why? In 2009, I work at 3 jobs, working from Monday to Sunday, a good 80 hours per week. I don’t have any problm there… But… I began to pack pounds as I was working all the time, eating like usual, but doing no exercice. When I had some time off, I was too tired and I count several time where, during a Sunday or Saturday, after spending the day at work, I sometime directly get home, going to bed shortly after eating a quick snack as I was exhausted. That time was quite great or me as I was able to make good money. I got pretty much into the stop working kind of deal of you know who. But that time wasn’t too great for my health and still today, I pay the price for spending too much time working and not doing exercise. When you work too much you don’t have time for yourself, no more time to walk downtown Montreal and stuff. This month of July, I go to work without a metro pass but just working around 1h30 per day and up is not enough for me to loose weigh. I will need to sweat a lot more lol. You know, sometimes I look at myself in mirror and say geessss that I am fat lol. Not that I was tight slim before, but I was better. I had a pair of Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy that really like, but I don’t fit in them anymore…. Got a portrait of the situation here?

And now I wonder how long will it take me to look like my old self again. My weight is due to excess hours spend working but also my sugar teeth and you know, junk food. So this is all my fault. So now, I need to loose weight, build an emergency fund and find a third job (!!!). Crazy time, hope my thirty year will be even wilderrrrrr agrrrrrrrrrr.... lol. And yep, Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) belong to small investors like myself, believe it or not. Like it or not.

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canuck said...

HI Sunny

don't worry about your weight right now, the heat will take that off. you have done so well with your investments and yesterday and today , they are back up, i am gaining faith too,,just starting my portfolio on my own now,,,how i wish i was thirty again...make time for yourself and have a spa or something just for yourself.


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