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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) dividends for August 2010 are in

I made it! I had reached my second online income payout of 100$ for 2010. I would like to make a third 100$ by the end of 2010, if possible and, why not even more… I guess I will be spending the 100$ on an Acer 10” mini laptop. The mini laptop is at 279$ at FutureShop. It come at 314$ after taxes. So I will only have 214$ from my pocket to pay for. Not to forget a case I will have to purchase to protect the laptop… Anyhow, it will be a nice birthday gift from me to me. Don’t forget, it’s my birthday somewhere at the end of the month lol! I am in need a good pair of shoes too. I won’t be able to wear my sandals forever… I love the sandals I purchase earlier this summer. They are black Columbine sandals, very comfortable. Sports Expert has that sale going on where you purchase one item, and the second is 50% off. I don’t know if it’s over now. Columbines work well for me. My winter boots are also Columbines and I had them for 3 years now. Since there’s overtime this week for a second week at a row at my daytime job, I may make enough to cover the cost of my laptop AND make my next investment of 100 units of David + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN). That will be quite of a challenge and involve me doing over 50 hours this week lol…… Anyhow, I’ll see how it goes.

This weekend had been quite easy as I just work my usual weekend shift and it’s about it. Some people are really getting annoying at my weekend job and there are so a bunch of Quebec morons there. It’s unbelievable. I am just not getting use to it. I didn’t apply for any credit line over the phone like I wanted to. And it’s not a Quebec jerk who’s going to refuse me because I am going to call the English line for all the places I am going to apply to (because I could get refused…). I am going to try to take care of this tomorrow morning. My investment project is going on so fine. I received this weekend Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) dividend, a nice and gentle 30.01$. I guess it will DRIP on Monday or so. I should receive around 4 new units of Yellow Pages Income Fund. The dividends are slowly adding up. I think this is the first ever I am receiving a 30$ from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN). Hope one day I will have enough to espace from Quebec province forever.


Unknown said...

Good for you Sunny. You may wish to look at New Flyer Industries, NFI-UN.TO. They build busses for urban transit systems, with plants in Winnipeg and St. Cloud MN. It yields 12%. But only a small protion is dividend and rest is taxed as regular interest. So best held in TFSA. Better long-term prospects, IMO, than YLO-UN.

Sunny said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing. But I just don't understand how a dividend can be giving in dividend and interest. Anyhow, that's interesting. Gonna take a look on NFI.

Unknown said...

You're doing great, Sunny. I love your blog and your sunny disposition!

And don't let anyone bog you down with details about the difference between dividends and distrbutions and tax treatments, etc. You can learn all of that in time. It's all cash.

Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine.

Uhhh, one thing, though. You really should get rid of the loans. A good motto is, "Don't PAY interest; COLLECT interest." Many will advise you to borrow to invest, but that's for the pros that know and understand the risks, not for little people like you and me. Collect interest, don't pay it.

Love ya!


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