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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portrait of Amir Khadir: extremist, Quebec independantist and leader of Quebec Solidaire

Amir Khadir is to Canada what Jean-Marie Le Pen is to France: a dangerous extremist.

Who is Amir Khadir?

Amir Khadir is born on born June 12, 1961 in Tehran, Iran. Amir Khadir immigrate in Canada at the age of 10 with his Iranian family. Amir Khadir parents that escaped from Iran after his father was accused of being an agent of the Mossad. The Mossad is the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Amir Khadir father is Jafar Khadir. Amir Khadir studied medicine at Laval University, physics at McGill University and completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Montreal. Amir Khadir is a medical specialist in infectious microbiology.

Amir Khadir first steps in the political world was in 1980. In 1980, Amir Khadir worked for the Yes Side for the sovereignty referendum. In 1997, Amir Khadir became a member of the Rassemblement pour une alternative politique (RAP). In 2000, Amir Khadir represented the Bloc Québécois for Outremont. Founded in 1991 by Lucien Bouchard, the Bloc Québécois is a federal political party devoted to promote the sovereignty of Quebec province. Amir Khadir wasn't elected, he finished second against the Liberal. In 2002, Amir Khadir found the Union des Forces Progressistes.

In 2006, with Françoise David, Khadir founded the sovereigntist political party Québec solidaire (QS). The party name is often being translated as "Solidarity Quebec" or "Quebec Solidarity" in English. In 2008, Amir Khadir became the first elected member of the party in the elections in Mercier. Mercier is a Quebec provincial electoral district.

Who is Jafar Khadir?

Jafar Khadir is an activate communist. Jafar Khadir is a member of the executive council of the Quebec Communist Party.

If you thing there's nothing to worry about Jafar Khadir, now a senior citizen, you are wrong. In 2002, Jafar Khadir was stopped at the US border while trying to reach the States. At the US border, Jafar Khadir was helf for 8 hours. Jafar Khadir has been refused the entry to the US territory. Jafar Khadir was warned by the US authorities not to come back to the US ever again. Jafar Khadir host the annual summer training of the Quebec Communist Party at his chalet located on the slopes of Mont Pinnacle near Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships. Despite the information being display in his MNA profile for Mercier, Amir Khadir is a member of the Quebec Communist Party. You may like to know that members of the Quebec Communist Party are all supporters of Quebec Solidaire, the party of Amir Khadir.

A few years ago, Jafar Khadir housed an Islamo-Marxist organization name People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in one of the building he own on St-Laurent boulevard, known as the "Main", in Montreal. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran is a classified terrorist group in Canada. Taught that terrorist groups only exist in the US and other places worldwide? No, terrorist groups also exist in Canada. But as individual, we can stand against the criminals of the kind of Jafar Khadir and Amir Khadir.

Amir Khadir, man of poor judgment

As a doctor, instead of fighting for quality health care and deeper social problems, Amir Khadir prefer to show it all and do his own circus.

In December 2008, Amir Khadir thowed his shoes at a picture of the president George W Bush standing outside the U.S. Consulate in Montreal. The event was Amir Khadir replicata Muntadhar al-Zaidi's actual attempted shoeing of the President Bush in Iraq. But that was not all. During the manifestation, Amir Khadir visited the Canadian Forces recruitment centre on Sainte Catherine Street and threw shoes at a photograph of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

By his demonstration of violence, had showed that he doesn't truly belong to Canadian politic scene. Amir Khadir is an extremist and he should resign from his member of the Quebec National Assembly position.

Throwing shoes in the air won't resolve anything. Amir Khadir is part of Quebec circus who like to show it all, but do little for his citizens. Politic should be done in serious manners. But it's simply not Amir Khadir way of doing politic. Amir Khadir is a clown, not a serious politician.

Also in 2008, Québec solidaire member of the Quebec National Assembly Amir Khadir attends in Montreal a protest organized by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

In January 2009, it's been reported that Amir Khadir took part in a pro-Hamas rally in downtown Montreal with protesters who waved Hamas and Hezbollah flags and chanted "Death to the Jews." Amir Khadir like to show up at anti-Israel events.

In December 2010, Amir Khadir continued his anti-Israel demonstrations. Amir Khadir showed up to a rally organize by the Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU). On the day of the event, protesters were standing outside the Boutique Le Marcheur, a shoe store in Montreal. Le Marcheur sells shoes made in Israel, the Israeli brand name Beautifeel shoes. The Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) had urged a boycott of Le Marcheur, a shoes store own by Yves Archambault. The participation of Amir Khadir in the event had been names as being an act of economic terrorism.


Amir Khadir is a dangerous man. For becoming a Quebec sovereignist after Canada government accepted him and his family, Amir Khadir and his family should be expatriated from Canada. In Canada, we expatriated immigrates who don't have the legal papers to stay. The federal government should also expatriate immigrant who had become Quebec independist activists.

According to a Leger Marketing poll, Amir Khadir was the most popular politician in Quebec province in December 2010. Amir Khadir has the highest approval rate (45 per cent) of any politician in the province.

This show Quebeckers poor judgment and lack of ethic and integrity toward Canada. It's time for Quebec to separate from Canada once for good. A united Canada without Quebec province.


Emily said...

Why don't you learn how to write in english before trying to make a statement? You would look considerably less stupid.
You are most probably racist and an active member of the Conservative Party. Therefore, your opinion is not objective, which means that your statement cannot be considerated relevant.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful opinion.

Anonymous said...

Your comments only illustrate your ignorance. You are lucky not to be sued for libel. Freedom of speech is one thing, political activism for one's beliefs is one thing, defamation and prejudiced, racist, xenophobic comments like yours are an entirely different affair.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good article. Amir Khadir is a dangerous man. This land doesn't belong to the French. It belongs to the First Nations people who were butchered and raped by european invaders.

'Quebec' was an artificial entity - a creation of French colonial invaders

So there is no question of 'Quebec' leaving Canada. If any one is not happy with the so called 'quebec' being part of Canada, they can go back to France.

Anyone who doesn't want to be part of this great multi-ethnic country called canada are welcome to leave this country.

We the First Nations people are happy to be part of Canada

Canada - one country, one people coast to coast

God bless Canada

Sunny said...

Thanks. Your comment is quite interesting. It's not often that I hear Native views on political ideas. Seem like we share a lot of things despite being different (I am a New Brunswicker born closed to a Malecite community): Quebec is not a nation, but Canada is. Like you said, Quebec was artificially created, but that was not enough for them. French people are so arrogant that they want to create a country on what had been artificially created centuries ago on a Native land that is now name Canada.

We share the same view because we both know where we are coming from and what our roots are. Quebec as a province is not very strong, extremely weak. What bring stability in the province is the Canadians living in it.

Amir Khadir and his circus, not very brave, poor individuals that had shown many times their lack of integrity.

Mihaita said...

to emily: never assume, you are what you sow. And one more suggestion since you think you know how to write english, really, be polite and not so ignorant.

PS think before you spit.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this whole thing you got here and the comments are just an unconceivable amount of bs

First of all, communism isn't an argument, it's an ideology that makes more sense, ethically and environmentally, than capitalism.. but failed due to corruption as representative democracy is at this very moment. I also prefer somebody who is against israel that killed over 4000 civilians rather than against a group that desperatly defends their families from colonization in 2014? Also, first nations people are like 99% against the state. I know this for a fact since I have connections with the mohawk people, I forgot the name in their language, something like kawasake. They say, we are the only animal that has to pay to be alive and the people from the Oka conflict are totally against any form of governement, so stfu.
Also, you have extremism in your title, but never do you talk about any kind of extremism? And why would you call boycotting an organization that systematically kills civilians economic terrorism. Throwing shoes at irrationnal imbiciles is something worthy of any humans time you should know. I'm gonna stop writing, I didnt even investigate your sources or your facts which would probably explode from a bs overdose so never mind, I'm gonna use arguments as worthy as your own that are the following. Shut up you fucking idiot, go watch jersey shore with people worthy of yourself you fuck


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