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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hellooo Montreal!

I left New Brunswick for Montreal yesterday. I arrived late in the night. My bus ticket didn’t cost me a penny. Acadian Lines strike finally end. They are offering free transportation to EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE until Wednesday. I save a good $100 bucks right there and I was very pleased because guess what, I spent the day walking around downtown and yep..... I did some shopping.I spent $188.11 today on all kind of stuff: groceries, water, a plate and bowl, stuff to cook my food...... I also got a new pair of sandals. I used to have a black pair of Columbia ones, but they began to hurt my feet and I began to have blisters... So I purchased a similar pairs for about $60 and felt much better.  

I spent close to the $900 so far, that number included my stay until the end of May in my special X accommodation someplace in Montreal... Try to find me if you can. I don’t like to see those heavy expenses. But following what, it will be pretty smooth. I won’t even need a metro pass, my workplace is close to where I am right now and it will be close to where I used to live before. I am renting a room until I can get back my apartment in June. The room is the biggest one I ever slept in. It’s bigger than my one and half apartment that is waiting for me. It’s bigger than my bedroom in New Brunswick. It’s big big big lol. 

Once I get out of here, I will post you the name of where I am currently staying. It will give you a good summer accommodation reference if you plan to visit Montreal this summer. Cheap and good places can be hard to find. I would have liked to find cheaper but didn’t, as I need a closed room for my luggage. Here they are, very big and heavy.

Taxi drivers must HATE me. LOL.

I was surprised to see how hot the weather is in Montreal. Back home, I was freezing. I had to open the electric bases to stay warm... Forget about all that here! I am not used to the heat and almost felt like suffocating, but then I went to the mall and felt better. That heat is quite surprising.

Just a few hours ago, I was walking on St-Catherine and I saw a crowd of people! I got so scared. But I got scared for nothing... It was a pacific walked for a Church or something like that. Those Quebeckers like to protest in the streets, whether it’s for the love of God or the love of.... education? 

Whatever it is, the protesters scared me to dead. I am walking around with me two feet so I could face protesters at anytime. I got a metro pass for 7 days, a luxury I wanted to treat myself with. The 7 days only start tomorrow so I look pretty dumb in the metro today and I also took the wrong line. I was sleepy. But I wanted to do the shopping today because tomorrow, I guess the stores are closed right. And also tomorrow, I am waiting for another freelance assignment. And no, I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to take a very wild guess.

Just before I left for New Brunswick, I met a friend of mine who’s about to leave for Nova Scotia. It’s pretty funny because all the people of my age living in my area are leaving. I left yesterday, and she’s leaving in late August to complete her bachelor degree. She may be interested in my car. If I am lucky, I may be able to sell my car very quickly. I would like her to get it because it’s a good reliable Toyota car. The car itself is old, 2002, but insurance are cheap and she may be able to keep the car for a couple of years. If she doesn’t buy it, I am keeping the car. I love my bazou! But don’t expect to see me driving my Toyota car here in Montreal.

So it’s all going super fine. My job should allow me to save some money, even if I spent closed to 1k so far. And not to forgive my freelance work. I got something new started very recently and I would like to have it work, just like I would have loved to spend the summer in New Brunswick. Maybe moving for not even 6 months of full-time work doesn’t worth it, but its more than enough to cover my ass for unemployment next year. See what I mean? It’s all about uncle Harper.

What happen is that everything worked out at the same time. I don’t regret my moved, just that I would have preferred to stay in New Brunswick. Do I have the right to say that? If you had been a long time reader, you already know that this blogger life is chaotic. But it is really mine? Was it really meant to be that way? I have the right to riposte. F U life.


unbalanced said...

Glad to see everything is working out for you. Nice story, but did you have to say F U life in your last words.

Ruth said...

Good luck to you Sunny, such energy and positive thinking , am impressed with the chances you take and wish you would be in Quebec City,,,i want to visit there this year , hopefully.

Sunny said...

Hi Unbalanced,

Well, you should know me by now. It was just a provocative gesture in order to get something like yours......

I finally got what I wanted: a reaction! I always get what I want.


Thanks Ruth!


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